Creative ways to brand your products using stickers 

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Have you ever searched for unboxing videos? If so, then you will know that there are millions of hits for opening PR boxes and orders on Google. This study has even shown a 57% increase in viewership of unboxing videos within a year. 

Breaking these videos down, this trend shows how important product packaging has become. While the content of each box needs to, of course, be of high quality, first and second appearances matter. 

In this article, we will introduce you to four ways you can elevate your brand’s product packaging in minutes – using custom printed stickers. With stickers, you have an effective, low-cost and versatile marketing tool at your disposal and can easily modify existing campaigns, level up your products and create a beautiful post-purchase experience. Read on to find out how. 

1. Effect materials 

Effect materials are not your standard vinyl. While they have a vinyl base, these materials are real eye-catchers. Many sticker printing companies offer glitter, metallic, holographic and even fluorescent vinyls that allow you to brand your labels in style. 

These materials are perfect to highlight specific features of your brand. Do you sell luxury, high-quality items? Then make sure your product branding mirrors that by choosing a high-quality label or sticker. These are also great options if you are looking for ways to spice-up plain cardboard boxes or jars. 

We love using effect materials to announce a new product launch as they really draw your customers’ eyes to your range and ensure your brand will be seen. 

2. Limited edition labels 

Effect materials also make for stunning limited editions labels, highlighting a specific product within your range. All you need for that is a small sticky label to announce that said product will only be available for a limited amount of time. 

Through this, you can create artificial product scarcity. This means that you communicate to your customers that your product will soon be unavailable, forcing them to make an immediate purchase decision. 

Purchase decisions are usually made by a gut feeling. Limited edition labels are a great way to swing that gut feeling into your direction as you brand your products with the stand-alone feature of limited availability.

3. Themed stickers 

A 2018 study has shown that 7 out of 10 consumers say that they are actively influenced by product packaging. This clearly means that we have to take the appearance of our product seriously. But it also means that we constantly need to find new, unique ways of swaying consumers. 

Themed stickers are the perfect way to do this. Switching up your product and packaging stickers regularly is an easy way to keep your customers interested and draw them to your product. This can be as simple as seasonally changing stickers, and reach as far as creating awareness stickers for a cause your brand is passionate about. 

Be sure to stick with your logo and brand colors to remain noticeable to returning customers. Creating a brand entails creating trust, and your logo can become a condensed version of the trust your customers have in your business. We recommend printing these on custom vinyl stickers as they are scratch-resistant and waterproof. 

4. Inside the box 

This is a bonus tip you can action after you are 100% with your product packaging. Businesses and marketers all over the world are aware of the importance of product packaging. What comes next is making your unboxing experience stand out and think about what is inside. 

Oftentimes, the space available within the box is not utilized properly, meaning many businesses miss out on communicating with their customers. Think about where you could hide a surprise message within your product packaging. The lid of a product? The bottom of your shipping box? 

These messages can vary as you see fit and include a discount code for future purchases, a call to action that only becomes visible once the product has been used up, or even a fun fact to make your customers smile. Custom stickers are ideal for that as you can add them quickly and change them effortlessly. 

Are you ready to see how custom printed stickers can help you brand your product packaging? We cannot wait to see what you will create! If you have any questions or would like to share your experience or designs with us, please feel free to leave a comment below.