Creating a Social Media Account for Your HOA to Bring the Community Together

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Social media can help bring a community together and get the right information out to a neighborhood. But, for this tool to be effective and compliant with association guidelines, the HOA board should work with one of the best phoenix hoa management companies to come up with a strategy to help them implement it into their business practices. The following are tips to help the board and its management team write winning posts on social media:

Establish a Social Medial Management Committee

Having a team of people who will manage an HOA’s social media accounts prevents miscommunications and disorganization. Members of your management committee do not need to be social media professionals. However, they need to be proactive and understand the legalities involved with social media posting as an HOA. Your management team can help educate members. 

Encourage Positive Communication

Social media channels can be used by people to post negative information. Thus, an HOA should ensure its pages encourage positive communication. This begins with the kind of content you prefer to publish. The best posts are fun and catchy. Positive communication always gets positive interaction from the community. When the community interacts with social media pages correctly, the HOA can achieve its goals as a welcoming community.

Keep Your Social Media Neutral

Every member of your community has an opinion on a subject and may clash and create conflict. For your social media to be effective, you should conflict. Although homeowners can post opinions regarding the facts presented, owners will only be comfortable with your platform when you keep social media informative and neutral. 

Do Not Talk About Formal Association Business

If you want community members to interact positively with your social medial account, do not share formal HOA business such as discussions on official meetings and individual HOA violations. Typically, this business involves confidential or personal information about owners that must not be made public on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Official meetings or mailers must be left only to owners. 

Get Guidance from HOA Management Experts

If you want to begin a social media account for your HOA, you should seek guidance on developing an effective strategy. This is where Facebook ad management companies can help. The best management company is well-versed in online and offline association management best practices. It has served a lot of communities and is ready to help your HOA make the most of your social media account. Touch here get more information RealPeopleSearch