Create a Hotel Booking Application for Your Business with AppMaster in Minutes

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So, you’ve realized that it is impossible to compete in the cutthroat hotel and hospitality industry without having an app to appease and attract the market. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur looking to fill the gaps in the hotel booking API market and want to create an app for it. Whatever your motivations may be, you’ve realized that it is painstakingly difficult to program and create an application.

With, you can create an amazing app for your hotel booking business in minutes without the need to write a single line of code. Yes, it is very much possible to create an app without learning to code. AppMaster is a no-code app maker that allows you to build all kinds of applications using a ‘drag-and-drop components’ system.

Make Your Hotel Booking App with AppMaster

After choosing the type of hotel booking app you want to make, log in to your AppMaster account and start creating. AppMaster allows you to create web and mobile applications alike and gives you full autonomy over their functionality and design.

Appealing and Functional Design for Your Hotel Booking App with

AppMaster eliminates the need to learn to code. You can use any one of the numerous templates that AppMaster has to offer. The templates are carefully designed to fit the needs and norms of different markets.

You can also add or remove different features in the templates or you can start with a blank page and create your app from scratch. After adding all the elements, you can start to make design choices and add functionality to the elements.

Create Databases with

You would also need to create a database to help store all the customer information, room data, and logistics to go along with your app. AppMaster employs a powerful AI which can create powerful databases and models within seconds. This is very important as you want to keep a track of your customer’s choices, availability of rooms, and information of new customers.

Build an In-App Messenger and Bots with

In-app messengers are important. They let your customers get in contact with you ASAP and inquire about the availability and booking of rooms. They can file complaints easily and ask necessary questions.

With you can make in-app messengers and add them to your main hotel booking app. Most of the time, bots are required to run these messengers and with AppMaster, you can create bots as well!

Publish Your App with

Once you’re done designing and creating your app, you can also publish your apps with AppMaster with a single click. allows you to publish your apps to the AppMaster cloud or other private clouds. And voila, you’re done! Your app is ready to use.


Gone are the days when you had to pay thousands of dollars to programmers to create an app for you that most of the time did not even function the way you wanted. Your other option was to go back to school and learn to code to be able to make an app according to your needs. Now you can create apps in minutes using no-code app makers like AppMaster and be done with it.

You can easily make a hotel booking app with AppMaster and you won’t have to write a single line of code during the entire process!