Countries That Americans Can Prefer To Move To

US citizens have various options in terms of the best countries to move to from the USA. There are many safer and cheaper countries compared to the US. In addition, options like moving to Portugal even provide a higher standard of living.

Flexibility in mobility is another crucial factor for US citizens while moving abroad. Passports like that of Portugal and Spain offer visa-free travel among hundreds of countries.

You can find the list of the best countries to move to from the USA below with details including cost of living and some tips.

Portugal: A Safe and Peaceful Country

Moving to Portugal is an ideal option for Americans in many ways. The 2021 Global Peace Index ranked Portugal the fourth safest country. The country is very developed in many areas like healthcare and education systems. International schools are also available offering American and British curriculum.

In addition to all these, the cost of living in Portugal is lower compared to the US and many European countries. This applies to costs of rent and food as well. In general, Portugal offers a 30 percent lower cost of living than the US.

It’s possible to move to Portugal through the Portugal Golden Visa Program or the D7 Visa program.

Portugal’s tax regime called NHR is another attraction and relief for tax residents in Portugal. It offers tax exemption from most of your foreign income for ten years.

Greece Attracts Investors Through Low Requirements

Greece also attracts US citizens thanks to its low cost of living and a great Mediterranean climate like Portugal. Natural beauties like the beaches are other attractions for both expats and locals in Greece.

Again, you can find many American international schools in Greece. Mostly, they’re located in Athens.

Similar to Portugal, Greece also offers a Golden Visa Program for foreign investors. You can get Greek residency by buying real estate worth at least €250,000. Like Portugal, Greece also allows family reunification in its Golden Visa Program.

You can also be comfortable speaking English in Greece. Most of the young population of the country can speak English.

In Greece, prices of restaurants, rent, and groceries are very lower than they are in the US.

Spain Offers a Tech and Tourism Hotspot

Spain offers different attractions for different purposes. For example, it offers great coasts and activities for tourists as well as locals and retirees. The Canary Islands are only one of them. In addition, Barcelona offers a tech destination for its fanciers.

In addition to Portugal and Greece, Spain has a Golden Visa scheme as well. Various investment options are available to get residency in Spain. The Spanish passport offers visa-free travel to 190 countries.

In tourist places like Barcelona, you’ll not find difficulty in finding English speakers.

Spain also offers a quality healthcare system as well as a great climate and food.

In Spain, rent prices are almost 50 percent lower than they are in the US. In addition, restaurant and grocery prices are around 25-30 percent lower than they are in the US as well.

Malta Provides Citizenship as a Separate Program

As a small and beautiful island in the south of Sicily, Malta ranks as one of the best countries to move from USA.

The traces of history in Malta, the architecture, and the cuisine make up the attractions for its potential residents.

Malta Residency by Investment  Program offers an opportunity for expats to settle in Malta. It also provides citizenship by investment program for non-EU citizens.

Rent, grocery, restaurant, and consumer prices in Malta are quite lower than they are in the US.

Residents of Malta also favor the great climate and food in Spain. In addition, it offers a quality healthcare system.

Thailand is an International Business Destination

Thailand is another attraction point for digital nomads, retirees, or business people. Thailand is another affordable country like the ones above. For example, rent and restaurant prices are around 70 percent lower than they are in the US. Also, consumer prices are around 50 percent lower in Thailand than they are in the US.

Thailand’s capital Bangkok also offers expats a hotspot of international companies.

In addition to business, Thailand offers benefits to tourism destinations as well. Koh Samui and Phuket are some of the places you can visit for tourist purposes.

Thailand also offers a 10-Year Visa program if you’re considered suitable. It allows you to live in Thailand without having to deal with bureaucratic restrictions.

You can communicate in English easily in tourist places. However, learning some Thai may save you a lot in other areas.

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