Could I use Mastercard to pay for all the services online?

MasterCard is one of the biggest financial companies in the world. According to Statista, the company had more than 1,392 million credit cards in circulation in the 2nd quarter of 2021, thus making it one of the most popular credit cards worldwide but especially in the US. From land-based stores to online merchants, your favorite Mastercard casino online to the cutest Etsy seller – it is accepted pretty much everywhere. But does this card get too much credit or not enough? And should you use it for all services you find online? We asked Gilfred Helmonsen (find more about him here), who has been working for different online industries for over a decade.

“When choosing a payment method, most customers look for convenience, and MasterCard is in so many wallets it seems to be a logical choice”, claims Helmonsen, but also warns: “Still, you should keep in mind the transaction is only safe as long as the merchant is safe. No transaction method can protect you from scammers.”

Responsible Behavior is a Must

Our expert was pretty serious when he said the sentence above, so we asked for a more detailed explanation. “If you want to play at a reputable online casino, or buy something on ASOS or pay a phone bill, your MasterCard will be protected. However, if you choose a site with zero reviews, you access through some shady link on Facebook, don’t expect to see the item or service you ordered”, he reveals.

According to Helmonsen, MasterCard is incredibly safe, meaning all transactions will be handled according to the latest security practices, including additional verification via phone PINs, all depending on your provider. Yet, MasterCard can’t protect you if you authorize payment on a site that is not safe. “Once the authorization is completed, you are done”, he claims.

Alternatives to MasterCard

Helmonsen wants to make clear, he is not suggesting avoiding using MasterCard, but handling it carefully, and double-checking the website you want to use it on. “If you never made the transaction on a certain site before, and the site is not operated by a renown company, maybe it is best to look for alternatives”, says our insider, “For instance, PayPal has many customer protection mechanisms and even provides refunds in case you don’t get your order. One-time debit cards and vouchers, prevent malevolent companies from using your data and stealing your identity”.

Our online expert is, despite all dangers, still jumping on the MasterCard bandwagon. As one of its main advantages, he notes the fact you can use it pretty much anywhere and anytime. Accepted all over the world, it is as popular as Visa and American Express. “Don’t be afraid to use it, but do it wisely. Minimize your risk exposure by using alternative payment methods when necessary and purchasing alternatives with your Master. You know how they say: there are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s Mastercard”, he laughs.

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