Cost involved in removing a tree in Toronto

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Several factors are taken into consideration for estimating the cost of tree removal. The cost of tree removal depends upon the tree’s size, location, condition, and species. Therefore, take some time to research the various available options and ask for estimates.

Most homeowners find it hard to estimate the price of removing a tree. Simply understand it this way- the higher the risk, the higher the price. For example, trees that are very near to buildings would be harder to remove, while trees that are in open areas would take less time and would be comparatively easier to remove. At a particular time, a tree service company tackles several projects and therefore would try to complete the project as quickly as possible.

Costs of removing a erect tree in Toronto

Depending upon various factors, the tree service prices in Toronto differ from tree to tree. Removal of trees not exceeding the height of 25 ranges from $175-$500. Medium trees 25-75 feet high can cost between $200-$1000. Removing trees with a height of more than 75 feet is quite challenging. Heavy equipment is required, so it can cost more than $1500.

Cost of removing a damaged tree in Toronto

Firstly you need to consult an ISA Certified Arborist to examine the tree to understand whether it should be removed or not. Sometimes it is the storms or hurricanes that cause damage to trees by uprooting them. Trees service company takes responsibility for removing such trees and, at the same time, ensures the safety of you, your family, and your property. Large trees with large diameters cost not less than $10,000. Lifting large trees and removing them without causing any damage to the house requires the usage of cranes. These cranes are quite costly, and a professional is required to handle them. It is clearly evident how several factors affect the cost of removal.

Estimate of cost of tree removal

Removal of trees includes cutting and moving all the pieces. Usually, the price of various methods used for tree removal is included in the quoted cost. But it is always preferable to inquire about a few things before giving the contract, like whether the cost includes the price of moving the pieces away. Few companies charge extra dollars for removing the piece apart from the cost of tree removal.

Usually, stump grinding is not included in the quoted price. It is recommended to ask the company if they offer stump removal service. Stump removal depends on how wide it is but usually costs between $60-$400.

The task’s complexity level will determine the price you will have to pay. If you live in an isolated area and have a chainsaw, tree removal costs less. But if you live in a city, the three companies would provide all the services except for cleaning sawdust. So it is essential for you to discuss various things with the tree company before giving them the responsibility.

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