Coronavirus: The 2nd Phase Of The Global Epidemic Has Begun

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We all distinguish that the world is at risk, and all the peoples are also in critical situations. Because the world has surrounded by significant pandemic and we all the peoples are known to this pandemic. COVID – 19 is the viral virus in this world now. We all the peoples are also acknowledged to this virus now along with how it is threatening.

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Newly the second step of this virus has been originated in many countries like Australia. However, the virus is first settled in China at Wuhan city. But later it spread all over the world. The manifestations of the virus are fever, cold fever, coughing, and sore throat. It is frequent to affect this virus now, but it is inevitable to stay protected from this virus.

Now we in the stage of 1st. But a piece of up-to-date news has been said this pandemic will significantly bring massive loss, and the second steps also testified in many countries. It is awful news that it is the pandemic that takes down the economic systems. Even there are many countries that are suspended their airport to stop flying over the sky.

Though we all know the pandemic incident and all the countries are in lockdown. Most of the country is in massive trouble. So I think it is essential to stay away from getting out of the home and perpetually use sanitizer. Also, counsel you all to wash your hand in 20 seconds, keep minimum distance, and don’t hug anyone in this circumstance.


At the end of the article, my recommendation you all that do not go out home. Staying home isn’t mean that you can save yourself. It means that you can protect the whole world from this pandemic. So be aware of this virus to save the world and yourself too.

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