Common Utility Billing Errors You Should Know

Part of conducting an energy audit is reviewing the energy bills. This includes gas, solar, as well as solar energy bills. Doing so will help you spot errors. It will also help you correct them before they can mess up with your company’s finances. Remember, a single error can make the cost of your energy expenses. That’s why you shouldn’t allow errors in your energy bills. Understand common billing errors. Know how to handle these errors. Here are common errors you should watch out for when reviewing your utility bills.

Utility Rate Options

Most utility providers offer numerous rate options. These include small, medium, large, as well as, the demand control option. Choosing the best rate can go a long way in minimizing your energy costs. On the other hand, making the wrong choice could end up being very costly.


It’s also imperative to ensure that you’re paying for the correct classification. Generally, there are three main classifications: commercial, industrial, and residential. Other options include special zone pricing for the elderly and economic development. Only experts can identify the right categories for you. So, before signing up for an energy contract, be sure to seek professional guidance.

Errors In Meter Reading

A meter reading that is inaccurate can also lead to errors. Understand your electric meter, what it does, and how to read it. If the readings are read backwards, for instance, your energy costs might become increasingly high. So, be watchful of such errors.

Human Error

Misplaced decimal points could cost you millions over time. Meter multiplier errors are particularly very common. Meter multipliers typically refer to the factors that utility providers use to calculate the wattage (KWH) utilized in billing.

If an old meter is replaced with a new meter featuring a different multiplier, then errors might occur. If the multiplier isn’t changed, your billing will automatically be overstated. But the good news is that most suppliers are now utilizing automated systems with minimal chances for human error. The more complex your company’s billing process is, the greater the chances for costly human errors.

Contractual Errors

Purchasing energy from a de-regulated third-party supplier could result in contract errors. Third-party suppliers don’t usually offer regulated rates. As such, you might be billed for incorrect prices. And it can be very difficult for you to determine if you’re paying the correct rate without performing an independent audit.

Sales Tax Errors

Most businesses are eligible for sales tax exemptions. However, they might not be aware of this status. Non-profits, manufacturers, as well as, grocery stores could also qualify for tax exemptions.

Unless you carefully go through your state sales tax regulations, you may not discover if you’re eligible for exemptions. Plus, without the required skills, this can be a potentially futile task.                                                                                         

The bottom-Line

Make your office energy efficient. Kick out those unnecessary energy usages. Switch to a good energy supplier through Utility Bidder. Teach your employees how to utilize energy efficiently and economically. Still more, learn about different billing errors that can affect your business. The above are common errors found in billing forms on utility bills. Learn them. Kick them from your bills today and save money. 

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