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When Eoin Morgan took over as England’s One Day International (ODI) captain just shy of two months prior to the 2015 ICC World Cup, the team was in trouble. According to an ESPNcricinfo staff writer, their performance was “lacklustre,” and their campaign was “entirely inadequate.” What McCallum was doing with his New Zealand side helped convince Morgan that England also needed a totally new coaching approach.

Morgan turned out to be just the right man for the job. Following their poor showing at the 2015 ICC World Cup, England’s progress was rapid. Morgan turned the team around, and under his leadership, England took the ICC World Cup for the first time in 2019.

According to many pundits, the team can be expected to go from strength to strength under Morgan’s leadership. For the first time in a very long while, the best Cricket Betting Advice you could get might just be to put your money on England!

An Illustrious Career

Morgan grew up in Dublin, where his somewhat unorthodox talents were recognised early on. He first played for Ireland at the age of 16 and was signed by Middlesex just after he turned 19. From April 2009 (at 23), he played for England.

That same year, he was central to two wins against South Africa. He made 67 runs off 34 balls in the Champions Trophy in September, and an unbeaten 85 runs off 45 balls in November. In January 2010, Morgan was awarded a new contract at the IPL’s auction: he was signed by Bangalore for $220,000.

Altogether that year, he took three ODI hundreds, keeping a cool head under pressure and well-deserving for his soaring reputation.

Morgan and Mott

Although Morgan has had some challenges around fitness and form, England’s newly appointed white-ball coach Matthew Mott said that Morgan was still a very valuable member of the team.

Mott’s appointment comes after he enjoyed great success at the helm of the Australian Women’s cricket team. Although he hasn’t yet arrived in his new country, he has already started working on his strategy with Morgan’s input.

According to Mott, he and Morgan share similar outlooks on the team and how they should play going forward. The two of them are enjoying the process of planning for the team’s future. Mott is confident about the team’s capabilities and about his own ability to lead England into a new period of sustained success.

Holding thumbs up for England!