Class 8 Maths: Tips to remember during the exams

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Students who love to play with numbers take Maths as an enjoyable subject.  Whereas some students consider it to be more than a nightmare. One can score good grades by following a proper commitment towards the subject. Maths is a numerical-based subject. It is not a language-based subject.  Students can either get a right or wrong answer. It all depends on the level of preparation. 

Students should keep in mind that scoring full marks in MATHS is not difficult. One can achieve this by doing full practice in the subject. 

How to overcome the fear of Maths?

Maths may not sound interesting for a few students. They might consider the subject as the most difficult one. Following are the tips to overcome the fear of MATHS

  1. Always relax while studying the subject.
  2. Learn to love the subject. Learn to value it.
  3. Talk with teachers and parents. They will provide full support.
  4. Study in groups. So that one can talk with each other.
  5. Talk with friends. They will provide the best guidance.
  6. Watch motivational and fear overcoming videos.
  7. Try to practice more questions. This will make the base stronger.
  8. Always begin with the basic NCERT book.

 CBSE Class 8 Maths syllabus 

Students should be serious in their studies. Class 8 maths topics are interrelated to each other. If they do not pay attention to one topic they won’t be able to understand the other.

Following are the Chapter-wise weightage 

Chapter no. Chapter name The weightage (%)
1 Rational numbers  8
2 Linear equations in one variable 10
3 Understanding Quadrilaterals  13
4 Practical Geometry  8
5 Data handling 11
6 Square and Square roots 12
7 Cube and cube roots 6
8 Comparing quantities  16
9 Algebraic expressions and identities  12
10 Visualizing solid shapes 7
11 Mensuration  15
12 Exponents and powers  6
13 Direct and inverse proportion  8
14 Factorization  12
15 Introduction to graphs  12
16 Playing with numbers 10

Tips and tricks to score well in maths

In order to get success in the maths exam, one should always remember that there is no shortcut to success. The only daily practice and hard work will bring the desired results.

Students must follow the following tips in order to score well in the subject-

  • Understand the BODMAS rule- one of the most important rules for class 8 maths is BODMAS. Always solve questions with the help of this rule. Following this rule will make questions easy to solve.
  • Make a list of important points- one should always start with the NCERT book. Mark all the important points, underline important formulas and theorems. This will make learning easy.
  • Proper revision- while revising students should majorly focus on the underlined points. These important marked points will make revision easy. Students therefore need not have to struggle much at the end.
  • Practice- students should keep in mind that they should stick first to the NCERT book only. It is loaded with quite a good amount of questions. The book is enough for class 8 students. It makes the practice easy. Do more questions daily in order to master the subject. Students can practice questions by clicking the mentioned link. Solve RS Aggarwal Class 8 Maths Chapter 10 Ex 10.1 solutions 
  • Never skip topics- students should not skip any topic. Never consider any topic less important. Fewer weightage chapters on the other hand are scoring.
  • Previous year paper- CBSE follows a fixed pattern in the exams. Students after completion of the NCERT book must test their potential by solving previous years’ questions papers.
  • Clear doubts- students in case of any difficulty should talk to their teachers. Never keep doubt for a long time. It will affect the other chapters too. Clear the doubt in the beginning only.
  • Eat healthily- students should keep in mind that skipping meals or eating unhealthy will lead to sickness. Never do the above act. Keep your body loaded with balanced nutrients. It will help the body to function properly.
  • Graph and geometry question- practice nicely with the graph and geometry questions. In the graph, questions understand the concept of bar graphs properly.  In the case of geometry, always use sharp pencils to construct any figure.
  • Attend test series- in order to master the subject students must attend the test series conducted by their teachers. This will help to understand their weak areas so that they can correct their mistakes. 

Tips to remember during the exams

Exam day is the final destination. Here on this day all the hard work and practice will show its results. Following are the tips students should follow during the exam-

  • Always develop a habit of reading question papers.
  • Always start the exam by solving the easy question first. Do not waste time thinking about the hard questions.
  • Always mention the right question number on the answer sheet. It will help the examiner to correct answer sheets easily.
  • Try to maintain good handwriting from start till the end.
  • Always avoid the habit of overwriting. This might confuse the examiner.
  • Always leave 2-3 line space before beginning a new question.
  • Only use a pencil to solve the graph and geometry questions. Never use the pen in these questions.
  • Always recheck the answer sheet before submitting it.
  • Never leave any question unanswered. If students don’t know the answer, try to solve stepwise. Step always carries marks.
  • Always tie the answer sheet properly and mention the paper number on every sheet.


Maths is not a difficult subject. It is loaded with a number of concepts and tricks. If students understand these properly then they can score well in the maths exams. Maths is full of critical thinking. This does not mean that students cannot score full marks in it. Proper practice will definitely bring fruitful results. Always take classes regularly. Practice more questions. Never load yourself with more books.NCERT is enough for class 8 students. If the students follow the above-mentioned points properly then they will definitely succeed.