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Bathroom vanity store “New Bathroom Style” knows  the choice of a sink in the bathroom must be made wisely, as this room is one of the most visited in the house. Therefore, its arrangement must be approached correctly. And since square meters are not always enough, you have to get out. An excellent option is a built-in sink. If you need 24 inch bathroom vanities or 36 inch bathroom vanities, welcome our web bathroom supply store and make your choice.


Several types of sinks are used in the bathroom or kitchen. These are wall structures, a tulip sink, overhead, and built-in. The peculiarity of the latter is that it cuts into the tabletop of the nightstand and cabinet, which are already installed in the bathroom. The bowl may flush with the surface or not protrude somewhat above the countertop. The note! Mortise sinks are beautiful and modern. Thanks to them, you can create an original and thoughtful design for the bathroom. The main advantage for which mortise models are valued is their compactness. Thanks to the features of the installation, it becomes possible to save a few centimeters. And in a small bathroom, they are beneficial.

This particular type of sink is ideal for bathrooms in small or other apartments that are limited to 2–3 m2. In addition, a built-in washbasin on a bathroom countertop has the following advantages: Ergonomics and practicality. After the installation of the washbasin, the room will not be cluttered. In addition, there will be a lot of free space on the surface of the tabletop, which can be used to place toiletries. In addition, there are shelves on the bedside table where you can put detergents, personal hygiene items, and other things. Easy installation.

The work is done quickly, even without the proper training and skills. It will take only one person, the desire to work, and detailed instructions. Simple care. Because the bowl of the sink is recessed inside the countertop, where it will not be exposed to pollution, it remains only to clean its outer part, washing it from time to time. And the lower part is protected from mechanical damage. Extensive range of goods. There are hundreds of designs on sale that differ in shape, design options, materials, and other characteristics. Yes, there is a product for every budget. Great look. The design looks trendy and modern. Having bought a washbasin with a traditional bowl shape made of simple ceramics, you can still get a luxurious and spectacular composition to decorate the bathroom.


Many built-in sinks varieties differ in various factors. The first is the installation method. Depending on this, they are divided into two types: Built-in sinks. Semi built-in. The peculiarity of the first option is that the products are built into the countertop entirely, that is, flush with the countertop’s surface. The semi-recessed sink only cuts in half. Both in the first and the second version, it is not necessary to additionally fix the product on the adjacent wall.

Note! Semi-recessed sinks cut into the countertop with the back, but the front hangs freely above the floor. In addition, built-in models are divided into two subspecies separately according to the mounting option: Mounted from above. For installation, it is enough to cut a hole in advance in the upper part of the countertop and immerse the washbasin there. The lower part plunges inward, and the edges from above rest against the countertop. This is the most common installation option. The sides hold the sink. It does not move or fall through. Installed from below. To perform the installation, the bowl from below is positioned to flush the edges with the countertop. Thanks to this mounting option, installing the mixer on either side becomes possible. Note! The most vulnerable point of a built-in bathroom sink on a countertop is the joint between the washbasin and the countertop. It is enough to use a sealant and seal it to solve the problem. On sale, there are also combined versions of products integrated into the countertop and act as a single unit. The number of bowls also varies, from 1 to 3, and they can also be supplemented with panels that increase the working area. VARIETY OF BOWL SHAPE There are three types of products built into the countertop, depending on the shape of their bowl: Round and ellipse.

These shapes are traditional and blend in perfectly with any room design. They are roomy and easier to care for because there are no corners that are harder to clean. Rectangle and square. A feature in sharp corners that allow you to complement the contrast in the room. This is the best option for creating a minimalist bathroom. Asymmetry. This includes products of other shapes (teardrop-shaped, trapezoidal). It can also be corner sinks, which allow you to save more space in the bathroom. If the interior is made in an exclusive modern style, asymmetrical built-in washbasins are needed. Many prefer to use the traditional options. Nevertheless, in this matter, everyone is guided by their desires.


Depending on the material, each type of sink has its characteristics. The main requirement for each fabric is strength, durability, and pleasing appearance. Before choosing built-in bath sinks, you should consider the features of each of the materials. So, they are made from Faience. Its advantage is durability. These are quite budget options to be affordable for almost everyone. White clay, kaolin, and quartz are used to create the material. The raw material is shaped and then fired. The strength of the finished material is high so it will last a long time. The material structure is porous.

Therefore it needs protection from moisture, which is the most important thing. It is covered with a glaze that protects the structure. The sink is visually attractive and resistant to pollution. Porcelain. At the heart of the raw materials is the same white clay. In creating a shell, it is mixed with feldspar and quartz. The raw material is fired at a high temperature, which reaches up to 1400 ℃. Most importantly, the heat treatment of the workpiece is carried out for two days. The density of porcelain is higher than that of earthenware, so it is much stronger. The workpiece is covered with glaze, which gives a beautiful appearance and shines and protects the shell. The peculiarity of porcelain is that it will not absorb odors and dirt. It is resistant to high temperatures and will last a very long time.

Accordingly, the cost is much higher. Glass. Tempered glass is used to create, which is very difficult to break. It is of increased strength and has improved characteristics. These built-in sinks look chic, add zest to the room’s design and make it ultra-modern. True, there are some disadvantages. The solid mechanical impact can lead to the product being destroyed. And for the sink to remain in its original form for a long time, you need to care for it carefully. Still, it will be challenging to protect them from water stains. Acrylic. A top-rated product. Such bathroom sinks are valued for lightweight, high strength, and long service life. In addition, the polymer material is highly hygienic.

Microbes do not collect on the surface, and dirt can be easily removed. The peculiarity is that when cracks or scratches appear on the sink’s surface, they can be easily removed. On sale, there are pastes for these purposes. Because their repairability is remarkable. The feeling of built-in sinks and acrylic is glossy, and its gloss is not lost over time. The material is pleasant to the touch, and it will also keep the room’s temperature well. Marble. These are some of the most expensive built-in sinks that can be used for a sink. The marble looks noble and chic and is reliable, durable, and practical. But, not everyone can afford such products.

Cons: high cost, heavyweight, the importance of careful maintenance. And the surface of the sink is porous so that it will absorb moisture and dirt well. Artificial marble. This is a cheap version of sinks made from marble chips and polymer resins. Unlike its “big brother,” the synthetic version is easier to maintain and more affordable. It is resistant to temperature fluctuations and has antibacterial properties. The color scheme can be very different. The note! To summarize, sinks are made of ceramics (Faience, porcelain), natural stone (marble, onyx, granite, travertine, basalt), artificial stone, glass, acrylic, and materials (keratin, granite, Kermit, quartz), and stainless steel. There is even a built-in sink in the bathroom made of porcelain stoneware. This is a type of ceramic. The material is natural and is usually used to create tiles, but more recently, sinks and sinks have been made from it. Now consider how you can install the product with your own hands.


Before work, you need to prepare the following tools: tape measure, cardboard, and pencil; building level; jigsaw; silicone sealant for processing joints; steel corner; sandpaper and masking tape; screws and screwdrivers. Usually, a built-in washbasin comes with a unique template, making installation much more accessible. It is needed to make the perfect hole in the countertop for installing the sink. If not, you need to make it yourself by measuring the sink.


As mentioned above, there are several options for installing a built-in washbasin. We’ll take a look at the classic. You need to follow specific instructions to do everything: First, you need to prepare a template if it is not included. It can be made from ordinary cardboard, given the size of the sink bowl. Then a place is selected where the sink will crash.

This is done depending on where the water and sewerage pass. Attach a template to the selected place and circle everything with a pencil. This is the required markup for cutting a hole in the countertop. An electric jigsaw cuts a hole in the surface according to the marking. Sections are treated with silicone sealant. So you can protect the countertop from deformation and make the joint airtight. Now you can bring the pipes. In the end, it remains to install the sink in its place and connect it. To simplify your task, you can watch a visual video installing a sink with your own hands.


Built-in washbasins are a modern and trendy option for the bathroom. If the toilet is small, then this is the best option. It will save space while getting a good work surface. The products have a lot of advantages and are very popular among consumers.