CBD Oil UK: The Best CBD Oil in the UK 2022

Shopping online for CBD oil should be a simple task. There are certainly plenty of CBD oil tinctures on the UK market. But finding the best CBD oil is a different thing. Not only should you be on the lookout for the highest quality of CBD product, in terms of potency and purity, but you should also be mindful of the other active ingredients in CBD products, which can make or break their effectiveness. In this article we’ll explore the various factors that go into choosing the best CBD, but first let’s highlight the best CBD oil products in the UK for 2022.

What Are the Best CBD Oils in the UK?

Let’s look at some of the very best CBD oil products from a few of the top CBD oil brands. These are the highly rated CBD oils that deliver on all counts — the best purity, the best potency — and are complemented by a superior ingredient profile. You also want value for the price, and these oils deliver. For CBD oils, these are the best of the best in the UK!


Access CBD has a Trustpilot rating “Excellent”. Their goal is to offer a new dynamic to the industry and make CBD accessible to everyone. ACCESS CBD has great tasting CBD Oils of high quality. Their CBD Oils start at £5.99 per bottle. ACCESS CBD allows you to choose from four strengths at a cost that doesn’t increase your outgoings.

The CBD content in ACCESS CBD’s oils is the same as that found in more expensive CBD oil products. ACCESS CBD has been tested for quality, taste and accuracy! There are three incredible flavours to choose from, with strengths that range from 300mg to 4800mg.

Berry- This is a good example of homemade Strawberry Jam

Citrus – A refreshing, subtle tang of Lemon & Lime

Nature – A perfect, earthy and mellow CBD flavour

ACCESS CBD is brought to you by the UK’s CBD Oil Market Leader


Established in 2015, Canabidol™ CBD supplements have always dominated the UK market with innovative and high-quality cannabis products. This new year Canabidol CBD debut their 100% cannabis range with a brand-new premium look and feel. Feel the quality experience the superiority with the elevated Pharmacy Range from BRITISH CANNABIS™

 Canabidol™ are known for producing trust-worthy, premium, great-tasting cannabis supplements that help maintain your general health and wellbeing. Every product is packed with CBD, hundreds of naturally occurring phytochemicals sourced from multiple cannabis extracts then enriched with even more cannabis terpenes. Theses supplements are more than just CBD, they are 100% Cannabis sativa L. “

 Canabidol™ delivers a diverse range of award-winning CBD supplements and cosmetic care, the largest of its kind in the UK. Each product is made to meet the exacting specifications on consistency and quality required by pharmacists and healthcare professionals. This Pharmacy Range consists of 100% cannabis oils in a range of concentrations, clinically proven CBD dermal care and full plant 100% cannabis capsules.

 100% Cannabis Oils by Canabidol™

Canabidol CBD premium cannabis oils are available in two formulas, RAW and Refined. Plus, a variety of concentrations ranging from 250mg to 2000mg. Our RAW oils boast high concentrations of beneficial terpenes, phytochemicals and naturally occurring nutrients obtained from the cannabis plant itself – complimented by an original earthy flavour. Perfect for experienced users. 

Their golden refined oils deliver the same all-natural plant goodness, but without the original earthy flavours amplified by the naturally occurring plant elements. Their refined 100% cannabis oils have been formulated to have a mellow, nutty flavour profile whilst still delivering all the beneficial natural nutrients, CBD and phytochemicals found within the cannabis plant.

 Canabidol™ CBD by British Cannabis’ product range has received a multitude of favourable reviews and awards.

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