Cardarine for Bodybuilding

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Cardarine, also known as GW-501516, gets attached to the PPAR-delta receptors in the muscles and influences those genes that monitor how the body uses energy. By performing these roles, Cardarine can:

  • Help you lose your body fat by avoiding the formation of fatty acid chains, thus stopping your body from storing fat to use it for energy.
  • Secure current muscle mass: During energy deficit, your body uses the fat stored in your body, but Cardarine helps secure your muscle mass from catabolism.
  • Quicker recovery: It also enhances the oxygen content in your body, reaching your muscles to help quicker recovery from exercise.

Cardarine benefits for bodybuilding

Bulking and cutting

Cardarine is stacked with different SARMs to help with fat loss, performance enhancement, and better muscle mass. It is a perfect SARM for bulking and cutting.

Fat burning

It helps your body to burn fat by using the stored fat as energy during exercises. It also stimulates glucose and activates the fat-burning genes.

Brain health

Cardarine enhances blood flow in the body and to the brain, safeguarding brain vessels, improving nerve cell development, and lowering inflammation.

Muscle growth

It enhances the PPAR-delta that further increases muscle fibers, providing better energy to the body to help users train better and longer.

Training endurance

It stimulates the glucose stored in the body for fuel to help you train harder for a long time.

Heart safety

Cardarine offers a shied to the healthy by reducing oxidative injuries and plaque build-up. It enhances your nitric oxide level also.

Dosage- Cardarine

Cardarine works as an all-rounder for bulking and cutting. You can split it into two doses for better results. Begin with 5mg in the morning and 5mg in the evening. It should be consumed for 12 weeks, followed by a PCT of 6 weeks.

Cardarine is an essential SARM that has gained great popularity. The fitness community and bodybuilder society avidly use it. It can also be stacked with different SARMs for better results. Usually, people turn to Cardarine to increase their muscle mass, physique, endurance, and strength.

Often people consider Cardarine a SARM product, but it is not really one. In reality, it is a PPAR-delta activator performing a similar role as SARM. This is why bodybuilders choose it for muscle gain, fat loss, and strength.

Cardarine was initially developed as a potent medical compound to prevent tumors. Still, bodybuilders turned towards it when it started showing benefits like reduced fat, better metabolism, good rise in muscle growth, and endurance.

Like all the other drugs, it is not acceptable by WADA and should be used before appearing in any competition.

Side effects

Like any other compound, you should be cautious when using Cardarine. Though there are no serious side effects, often, people may experience suppressed hormone levels that come back to normal during the PCT.

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