Can I install Hair Bundles by myself? How can I install Glueless Human Hair Wigs?

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Wearing hair bundles definitely contributes to your hair beauty. Along with this, some women would like to install hair bundles by themselves. In this article, we will answer if DIY installation of hair bundles is possible. 

Applying glue to secure your wig is both unhealthy and tiresome. However, glueless human hair wigs enable you to install your wig without glue or adhesives. Knowing which wigs can be worn glueless and how to install them will eliminate your need for glue or adhesive to install your wig. We will also explain this here. 

And, short bob wigs offer you numerous advantages. Why not be aware of these advantages and benefit from them?

You will be informed of all about these issues in this article. You will also learn about the advantages of buying hair bundles, glueless human hair wigs and short bob wigs from Luvme Hair.

1. Is it possible to install Hair Bundles by yourself? 

It is possible but extremely difficult. Also, it is not advisable. Because it needs special skills and sophisticated tools. It takes also a lot of time and can be overly tiresome for you.  On the other hand, you may take pleasure in designing your own hair bundles and add them to your natural hair by yourself. At that time, you have to sew in the bundles to your hair one by one using special techniques and tools. Even in this case, you may need someone else, as it would be extremely difficult to reach your back hair. 

Therefore, it would be wiser to have your hair bundles installed by your hairstylist. The hairstylist would install them without damaging your natural hair and design and style your hair as you wish.  Normally, three hair bundles would be enough for you, but you can increase this number for a fuller look.

2. How can you install Glueless Human Hair Wigs? 

Firstly, lets us learn about which wigs you can wear glueless. 

The most popular wigs in this regard are closure wigs. There is usually a plastic band behind these wigs. Once you put on the wig and adjust the elastic band, you can secure the wig and wear it glueless after that. 

Other glueless wigs are headband wigs. You can attach the combs and clips on the wig to your natural hair. And then, you can adjust its headband and secure your wig. All of this process takes 30 seconds at the most. 

U part wigs or t part wigs can be also worn glueless. There are also combs and clips on these wigs. You can attach them to your natural hair and easily secure your wig and wear the glueless. 

And Luvme Hair’s throw on & go wigs are super easy to install. You need neither glue nor clips to install these wigs. You just wear these wigs like your hat, and that is it. 

It is also possible to wear some lace front wigs glueless. At this point, let me show a method enabling you to install these wigs glueless. 

In this method, you use hair spray instead of glue. And, your forehead should be extremely clean, so you clean your forehead elaborately using alcohol. 

Put on the wig cap. Following this, put on your wig. Cut the lace in accordance with your natural hairline. Apply hair spray on the sides of your forehead where the lace meets your skin. Stick the lace onto your skin using a blow dryer. Operate the blow dryer for five seconds each time  when you apply hair spray, and it helps you stick the lace. You also press the lace with a comb while drying. Repeat this process until the lace are stuck to your skin on the sides. Then, apply the same process in the middle of your forehead. Dry the whole lace until it has completely stucked down. Finally, you can wear your wig securely without glue. 

3. What are the Advantages of Short Bob Wigs? 

Many women cannot give up short bob wigs, and they have good reasons for this. Here are a couple of them. 

  • The bob style is popular anytime and anywhere. Therefore, it is a guaranteed way of ensuring your hair beauty. 
  • It is super easy to care and maintain short bob wigs. Then, if you have a tight business schedule, it is one of the easiest ways of maintaining your beauty. 
  • You can also prefer short wigs in summer for their easy use. 
  • These wigs are associated with female professionalism. In order to have a solemn and charismatic in your workplace, you can try short bob wigs and impress people with your business-like look. 
  • They also give you a natural and stylish look. 
  • The bob style shows your face better and exposes your facial features. As a result, the beauty of your eyes, lips or cheeks will be more exposed and pronounced. 

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