Can casinos affect the payout of slots? 

Slots are fun, simple and exciting. It really isn’t rocket science playing slots – all you have to do is spin the reels and watch out for winning combinations that will be added to your bankroll automatically. The possibility of massive prizes has made slots the top dog of casino games and many players enjoy this game.

But can slots at be truly enjoyed in the way they were created by developers? When you visit developers’ websites and scope out the games on offer, you will be pleased – you will see high RTPs and a promise of many bonus rounds. But do the developers’ descriptions truly match the game that you play in online casinos? We discuss it in this article. 

Casinos can lower the RTP 

In general, developers take pride in their products and there is a level of authenticity when it comes to slots. Any original game that you play will be just as it was described by developers, except for one thing. Online casinos cannot rework the features or the rewards of the game, but they can lower the RTP (return-to-player).

This is a very common practice when it comes to online gambling. For example, if you visit NetEnt’s website and open up the description for Gonzo’s Quest slot, you will see a high RTP of 95.97%. Then, if you visit any online casino that offers Gonzo’s Quest, you will most often find the same slot to have a lower RTP, such as 92% – 94%.

Some casinos will keep the RTP at their original rate, but that is considered to be rare. 

Why do casinos tamper with the RTP? 

The obvious answer to this question would be that casinos lower slots’ RTPs to increase the house edge. The lower the RTP, the more overall money wagered stays with the casino, which equals more profits.

There isn’t a definitive law that limits the amount of house edge that the casino can have. Therefore, online casinos can change the return-to-player as they see fit. You might ask why don’t online casinos completely destroy the player’s chance of winning then? They could drop the RTP to 70% and rake in a good portion of the players’ bets.

In practice, only “rogue” casinos (unlicensed games and business) will try dirty tricks like that. Any licensed and respectable casino won’t change the RTP by more than 3% on average. This because of 2 reasons: online casinos do not want to lose players and they cannot give their own products bad RP. 

How to maximise your chances 

  • When you find a game that you want to play, research the different casinos that offer the game and compare the RTPs available. Only play on the website with the highest RTP. This means the game will play as it was intended to and you won’t be filling up the casino’s coffers while you’re at it.
  • Only play in licensed and respectable casinos. This way you won’t be cheated by playing a poorly balanced, plagiarised or rigged game.

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