Buying Beats Online Is Just a Start for Wannabe Stars

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You are convinced you have what it takes to be a hip-hop or rapping star. You have killer lyrics that talk about real life on the street. You’ve a cool stage name and a good-looking crew. You have even bought a whole collection of beats online. You are ready to go. Guess what? You need something more.

Far too many wannabe stars think all they need to make it is a few online beats and some catchy lyrics. That may be enough to get an artist established on the indie scene, but it is not enough to become a globally recognized star. For that you need help. Specifically, you need the help of a producer.

Producers Make the Magic

A lot of budding musicians are under the illusion that they make their own magic whenever they play or sing. Rarely is that the case. There are some exceptional artists who are capable of making the magic on their own, but most are only good at one or two aspects of producing commercial-ready music.

In reality, the producer makes the magic. That is their job; making magic is what the producer is good at. It is what the producer excels at.

Supreme Tracks, an online recording studio that also has beats for sale, explains that it’s the producers job to come up with the vision for a project and then see it through. The producer works with arrangers, writers, musicians, and technicians to bring everything together. A good producer turns average music into great music.

Foster Relationships with Producers

The best advice anyone could give you, as a budding hip-hop star, is to make the effort to foster relationships with producers. It starts with buying beats from them. If you want to make it big, skip the free beats you can only use for not-for-profit purposes. A willingness to buy beats from producers demonstrates to those producers that you are serious about your music.

Here are some other ways to foster those relationships:@

  • Follow Them Online – Following producers online and commenting on their posts keeps you on the radar. However, show some restraint. Do not make it appear as though you are stalking them. Follow and comment only when it is appropriate.
  • Keep Them in the Loop – When you use the beats you buy to create commercial-ready songs, keep producers in the loop by sending them copies. Let them hear how you are using their beats in your songs.
  • Invite Them to Gigs – It’s always a good idea to invite producers to your gigs. Of course, that requires that they be in the same town where you are performing. So don’t expect every invite to be accepted.
  • Give Them Credit on Social – Producers appreciate being given credit for their work. So go above and beyond buying their beats to give them credit for their work on your own social media posts. You might even credit them in your videos.

Fostering relationships with producers takes time. With that in mind, you will need one more thing if you hope to make it big: plenty of patience.

Stars Are Not Made Overnight

Music industry stars are not made overnight. Artists have been known to put in many years of unrecognized hard work before they get that first break. Do not assume you are an exception to the rule. Be patient and work hard. Success will follow.

Buying beats online and combining them with your lyrics does not guarantee you will become a star. Remember that you need the help of a good producer along with a willingness to work and put in the time. That’s how it’s done.