Business Directory Submission List

Must Read

Getting your business registered with an online directory offers a slew of benefits. These include getting online visibility for your brand, which is vital for any business to keep itself in the race with the competition. Online business directories have replaced the regular paper listings that were once omnipresent featuring a wide variety of businesses. Apart from generating business via a prominent business directory site there are other benefits as well. All search engines like Google make use of SEO (search engine optimisation) to decide the rankings of business listing online in search results. Therefore each time a prospective customer will click on your business link while searching online, it is recoded by the SEO. Consequently, the more the traffic that your business generates called backlinks the more it will improve the business’ SEO ranking as well as that of the directory.

Choosing the Right Directories

For a start-up that is new to online marketing, getting stared with something you know is always a better idea. From Google to the Yellow Pages that is now online in the form of Yell, are familiar with almost everyone that is online. Each of the platforms provide businesses free basic listings. Signing up with major online platforms that offer free listings is a good place to start. One o the factors to pay attention about is that of location especially for a local business that will cater to customers from a specific area or location. One aspect that you need not sweat over is that of your business listing’s ranking on the prominent sites that mostly appear high up in the search queries rankings.  The only thing is these can have a generic feel to them and may lack a personal touch.

UK Only Directories

If you though that being listed on a global site or search engines will help you need to reconsider your opinion. There are numerous instances when a search query for a business based on location on Google shows the business listing but of a city or own in the US not the UK. The reason for that is these places share the same name but are much larger in size and demography than their British counterparts with greater volumes of online traffic. The solution for businesses in the UK mainly those in the SME sector to only appear in listings in UK directories.  Having a smaller database for searches will make the process much swifter and effective. Listing with local UK directories can be much more efficient in terms of product and services placement, creating content and SEO.

Industry Specific Directories

Once you have you chosen location or area, you can next focus on listing your business as per the kind of products or services on offer or its category. As far as location goes in the UK with a variety of delivery options now available any business within the UK can manage to deliver its products to addresses within 5 days in the country, which is perfectly acceptable for businesses and customers alike.  Local directories produce the swiftest results that cater well to the needs of the local populace and attract more interest from the consumers living in the area. Therefore, when they are on the look out to find businesses without delay, the results also incentivise them to make their choice quicker. With more and more search results catering to niche markets it can be very beneficial in the long term.

Local Directories

Like with the standard Yellow Pages directories that catered exclusively local businesses, smaller online directories also cater to the same niche. For example, anyone looking for local tradespeople in Bradford, will want them from nearby that also offer quality services. Therefore, if your business depends on local customers, it should be listed on the most popular and reputed local directories with all the details up to date. When you do plan to have your business listed be selective about the choice of directory so that your business can remain competitive. Gaining customers using a local directory is a great way for brand building and increasing profits in the long term.