BitStarMarkets Review 2021

Key findings in 2021

We have been testing through online trading platforms for three months. And we are ready to share our experience. Here are the main conclusions on BitStarMarkets.

What makes BitStarMarkets different?

BitStarMarkets is a community-owned company. This online broker operates and focuses on mobile devices. BitStarMarkets IOS and Android applications are fast, understandable, and very handy.

Like many other companies, BitStarMarkets offers 0 USD stock/ETF trading.

BitStarMarkets provides options trading and cryptocurrency trading for $0. Trade at least one option contract on BitStarMarkets every month and receive real-time options data (OPRA).

You do not have to have large sums to trade claim BitStarMarkets. Some operations have no fee, other may cost you around $10-$50

What does BitStarMarkets offer?

–  No fees for trading stocks, ETFs, and options.

–  No minimum account balance.

–  The minimum deposit amount is USD 2,000 to sell stocks in the short-term

–  No fees when transferring funds

–  Learn for free how it works. Use virtual wallet with counterfeit currency

–  Bank transfer has a deposit fee of USD 8

–  Withdrawal fee of USD 25 for domestic customers

–  Deposit fee of USD 14

–  Withdrawal fee of USD 45 for international customers.

BitStarMarkets will meet the needs of casual traders.

BitStarMarkets: Desktop or Web?

There is no big difference in the usability of web and desktop platforms. They both are easy to use. Anyone can customize it. Just replace widgets according to your preferences.

Once you start with BitStarMarkets’s desktop platform you will see the market overview, summary titles, and analyst comments. An unbalanced display indicator is built into the transaction order as a research tool. It allows you to identify institutional assets of a specific transaction type. You can also write your logo.

Web Platform contains predefined lists, important watch lists, and selected features.

For professional experienced traders, BitStarMarkets can’t offer many extensive tools. But it provides traders with a unique perspective that other brokers do not have. Users can watch slow-motion video replays of stock charts. It gives you more information showing the price movement of the day.

Platform for both newbies and pros

For newbies, BitStarMarkets offers educational videos. The first level is free. So the core data is available for everybody. To get more a subscription is necessary. But don’t worry, the price for a subscription is only $1.99 per month. It sounds affordable for anyone.

There are no real criteria to define the best broker. Comparing with other brokers, BitStarMarkets has more features than Robinhood. But it cannot compete with some large trading industries. The platform will meet the needs of most casual investors. For daily investments, BitStarMarkets lacks functions. Traditional full-service brokers still attract professional traders more. They offer a wide range of business, research, and educational tools.

Each service has its advantages and disadvantages. The investor can choose the best for him. It depends on the amount of money, trading strategy, and so on. BitStarMarkets provides a unique trading experience. Give it a try to see.

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