Bitcoin IRA Review Pointers for Beginners

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Bitcoin IRA is a self-directed trading plan where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies and precious metals like gold at a tax-advantaged IRA. The platform allows you to roll over old retirement accounts into self-directed crypto IRAs to trade a limited range of cryptocurrencies within a crypto exchange.

The platform offers solutions to investors seeking to venture outside the traditional market for their retirement investments. Also, Bitcoin allows you to invest in many assets that ordinary IRAs may not allow you. Read more about Bitcoin IRAs in this Bitcoin IRA review.

The Best Bitcoin IRAs

Identifying the best Bitcoin IRA to invest with may not be easy. Therefore, you may need to read several Bitcoin IRA reviews and compare different options before choosing. Here are some of the best Bitcoin IRAs to consider.

The Bitcoin IRA

Bitcoin IRA is the first individual retirement account company to allow individuals to invest in cryptocurrencies in their retirement accounts. The plan’s account is easy to create and manage and offers 24/7 crypto trading in real-time. The strict security for your investment makes it the best overall Bitcoin IRA company.

This platform makes it easy to create an account and digital wallet to hold your cryptos in just simple steps in the app or web dashboard. In addition, this platform allows individuals to invest in nine different types of cryptos, including Bitcoins, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, among others. However, with all the advantages, the one negative of Bitcoin IRA is that it has a high setup and maintenance fee. Bitcoin IRA does not include the price on the website.

The Itrust Capital

Itrust capital is the best Bitcoin IRA regarding high balances. It allows the investment of both cryptocurrencies and precious metals. If you want to invest with this platform, you can choose from over 25 cryptos in addition to gold and silver. The minimum amount to start investing is $ 2,500, making it favorable for those with large balances but not beginner investors.

The constant fee for trading cryptos is 1 % without a monthly fee. The pricing is transparent, but it is more sensible to individuals with large balances. Accounts that hold cryptocurrencies require a custodian with Coinbase custody, and insurance protects balances. The high-security measures and low prices make itrust capital an ideal option for investors seeking to invest in Bitcoin IRA.

The BitIRA

BitIRA is the best for security as it uses cold storage to secure your investment assets with insurance for backup. Cold storage means storing the cryptos in an offline wallet. Other than the strict security, funds in BitIRA are protected through a custodial partnership with Equity Trust company and preferred trust company.

When investing in this IRA, you can ensure that your assets are safe from hackers since only individuals with physical access to the offline storage and passcodes can access them. Currently, BitIRA supports the investment of several cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, among others.

The Bitcoin IRA Rating

The Bitcoin IRAs rating is done according to the IRA’s performance and specialization. The rating is given out of five stars.

Bitcoin IRA has the highest rating of 4.5/5 and the best overall, meaning it offers the best crypto security and expert assistance. BitIRA, with a rating of 4.3/5, is the second-best in account security after Bitcoin IRA.

CoinIRA has a 4.09/5 rating and is best for expert assistance to their clients. Finally, Itrust capital, with a rating of 4/5, offers the lowest fees to investors.

The Bitcoin IRA Fees

The fees for investing in Bitcoin IRAs differ from one provider to another. Itrust capital has the lowest costs, while Bitcoin IRA charges the highest. Some providers may include their fees in their websites while others do not and you have to contact the company to find out. However, it is crucial to consult a provider’s representative for fee disclosures.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin IRAs

Bitcoin IRAs offer several benefits to crypto investors. Check some of them here.

  • Portfolio diversification
  • Potential for tremendous returns
  • Tax benefits

Here are some cons of Bitcoin IRAs.

  • Highly volatile
  • Higher Bitcoin IRA fees
  • High setup fees

The Bottom Line

As more IRA providers allow investors to include various cryptos in their retirement investments, it becomes more challenging to tell the best to choose. Companies with the expertise to manage traditional IRAs and digital assets will win in the end. Therefore, it will help to read several Bitcoin IRA reviews to choose the best provider.