Best Sports Streaming Sites in 2022

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Sports are among those things that have covered a long way to gaining huge popularity. Whether it is football, cricket, swimming, rugby, or athletics, many people with some interest in the sports will be watching or taking part. And because of this, there are endless sports sites you can find on the internet that keep you updated regarding sport betting, scores, and the latest news. Those usually focus on one sport and hold valuable information regarding that particular sport’s ins and outs.

Watching sports is always fun, but always considering a TV for watching live shows can be boring. Sports streaming sites usually provide similar concepts, and those include live games. You can watch anything you want, and whenever you desire. You can even enjoy a football or boxing match on your smartphone, no matter where you are. There are actually endless advantages of going digital.

Dig in to know about the best sports streaming sites, and we will analyze the popular sports streaming sites depending on their pros and cons. So, let’s cut the cord and cheer for your favorite teams without paying for multiple services.

YouTube TV

When you prefer to go with YouTube TV, you gain access to more than 80 channels, and in a single package, you get all the broadcast networks such as FOX, CBS, PBS, and other live sports channels. The only downside about YouTube TV is that you have to bear watching ads in between. Besides the sports channels, you can also get a YouTube subscription for the different news and entertainment channels, making it a great streaming platform. And if it is not enough, you can even consider choosing optional add-on channels that cost extra.

Hulu+Live TV

Same as YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV is a great streaming site where you can watch different sports channels. With a monthly subscription of $64.99, you can get access to major sports channels such as NFL Network, CBS Sports, and the Olympic channel. With the addition of $9.99 per month, you can get the sports add-on that enhances your options with the Sportsman channel, outdoor channels, and more.

You can also enjoy local sports along with the national and international live games. As a Live TV subscriber, you also get access to the regional broadcasting channels, including ABC, NBC, and more.


If you are familiar with CBS All Access, you will know why choosing Paramount+ can be a great option. It has the most diverse sports programming options available that you can get at $9.99, which is an extremely low premium subscription, and it is probably the best budget-friendly deal you can ever get.

The great thing about Paramount+ is that you can stream different programs in 4K or, when possible, download them to view when you are offline. The only disadvantage is that you cannot get away from the ongoing ad that shows up during live events. Overall, Paramount+ is a budget-friendly way one can opt to watch live sports next to your favorite shows.

Peacock TV

Peacock TV is among the few free sports streaming sites that are worth trying, and NBCUniversal owns it. You get a free plan that allows you to choose live sports and different NBC shows. You also get complete HD streaming, which is nearly unknown when it comes to free streaming. While the free tier is usually supported by different ads and provides a limited library, it also holds substantial value. However, it would be best if you also upgraded to the premium version for sports programming.

You can take advantage of the sites that provide trial periods and guarantee a refund. However, you need to be sure about the site you choose; most free streaming platforms that are not owned by a network are operated illegally. They are extremely safe to watch, but you need to know that their streaming services are usually bad.