Best new casino brands for Africans only

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The best new casinos only for Africans do not fall behind the larger casinos in any area. Most of the time, African casinos are smaller brands of larger gaming companies, so they have the know-how and resources of the entire company at their disposal. Thus, casino games, bonuses and other accessories can be carried from the ready-made table to the new one in no time. Now and then, of course, the latest African sites 2021 can also be created by completely new casino companies. In this case, they usually have some really good idea behind them to attract new players. Sometimes it can be free game money with no deposit or free spins, but also really fun new inventions are seen every now and then. That’s why exploring the latest African casinos is so rewarding.

In addition to casino brands aimed only at Africans, there are dozens of online casinos in African, for which African players are just one group of customers. Sometimes, though, that’s not quite the case. African players can also be offered special bonuses at these casinos, as our players have a pretty good reputation online as bonus players. That is why the benefits are offered to African casino players on more fair terms than others.

In our opinion, the new African-language casinos are also sites that have recently updated their activities so that the service can be recommended to Africans as well. These casinos can be good or bad depending on how much enthusiasm you start investing in South Africa. If, in addition to the translation work and the hiring of customer service, any special privileges are offered as a result of the new entry into the territory, the signs are very promising. However, the level varies on these international sites more than the new casino online gambling brands that have been opened just for the Africans. While the grass is often greener on the other side of the fence, this may not always be the way to go. By this metaphor, of course, we mean that a new online casino may not always be the best option. The advantage of old online casinos at the moment is that they already have a large player base from which they can draw traffic to their site – so the resources available are generally well balanced, and the business cycles in the gaming industry, for example, do not have a significant impact.

At the same time, some of the new casinos are dying out when they fail to get enough players on their site. The number of new African casinos can be seen up to 5-10 a month, but at least no more. However, these are peak month readings, with the average settling slightly lower. So while it is technically easy to set up a new casino, there are quite different requirements in terms of other activities nowadays. If in the 2000s you might well come across African-language cheat casinos, it’s easy to avoid them now. In fact, all reliable new online casinos get a license from a respected gaming authority right out of the blue. In practice, African casinos are licensed by Malta Gaming Authority, Estonian tax and customs authority or Curacao. This requires effort to apply for a license, which in turn reduces the number of new casino entrepreneurs. If you take, for example, the licensing requirements of the Malta Gaming Authority, it costs a few grand to submit an application. If the license is granted, a fixed annual fee of EUR 25 000 must be paid. Only after the application has been sent Will the actual examination work begin. The Gaming Authority will scrutinize the entire operation of the new casino with a fine-tooth comb and if anything is wrong it will be fixed. The process usually takes several months, so even a new instant casino cannot be set up at a fast pace. The terms of the license also state that the company’s assets and players ‘ money must always be kept separately. This way, players ‘ money is safe, even if the firm later gets into trouble.

As I said, successful new African online casinos are now both easy and difficult to set up. Competition in the sector is also fierce, eliminating many entrepreneurs who might have gone out to try their luck in years gone by. In addition, large gaming companies buy many smaller ones out of the game altogether. It can serve as a carrot for a new gaming company if the goal is a quick cash-out. From the players ‘ point of view, it can be a more annoying thing if the change of ownership has a detrimental effect on the gaming experience. Sometimes a big firm doesn’t have as much enthusiasm for investing in its new online casino as its founders. In South Africa, the gambling monopoly is in the hands of casino, so it is literally impossible to set up new African casinos. However, African-owned gaming companies have established many new casinos over the years. They are forced to operate from abroad and usually stay in Malta.

Despite the monopoly, of course, betting has to compete against new online casinos. Online, Everyone is on the same page, even though casino is the only online casino to advertise in South Africa. However, the new casinos are developing much faster than the slow betting, so they present challenges on many fronts. New, increasingly responsible gaming companies with increased resources are able to create great new casino sites year after year. Casino has one brand, which is of course very strong in South Africa. Still, keeping it constantly interesting is a difficult task. The new online casinos are also clearly stronger than betting when it comes to bonuses and games. Even though casino has some of the favorite slots from some of the best game manufacturers on the internet, it is no match for the thousands of new casinos offering slots. The same goes for casino bonuses, which are constantly available to players.