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It’s official, manicures are hands down our favorite pastime during the lockdown. They not only provide a moment of self-care, where we focus our attention on nothing more than applying and touching up the paint. And if you are good at it, your nails may be just as beautiful as nails painted in the salon. So if you take the time to get yourself the perfect manicure, the very last thing you want it to do is a chip.

Best gel nail polish

But what exactly is gel polish? It is a lacquer that consists of a combination of different substances and it must cure under a UV or LED lamp. It, therefore, lasts longer than regular nail polish and that means: touch up less often! Gel nail polish can also be easily applied at home, with or without a UV or LED lamp. When you apply gel nail polish, it is a nail polish that has a gel-like finish.

Home gel manicures are more affordable than you might think. In order for gel polish to cure in its rock-hard, impervious state, it must cure under UV or LED light. These lamps used to be expensive and bulky, but now you can buy a portable lamp for the price of a single manicure. Even professional, salon-class models will pay for themselves after just a few uses. If you get a 35 euro manicure every three weeks, that is already 600 euro per year. These lamps save you money and time and are indispensable for every nail lover.

Which nails do I choose?

You have different types of artificial nails such as the classic gel nail, but also gel polish and so polish are highly recommended today. Not sure which type of nail best suits your personality? No worries, you can check nail salon near me, they can advise and assist you. Together we look for your personal wishes, colors, and fantasies.

But what’s the difference now in all these different nails?

Gel nails are artificial nails that look a lot like our natural nails. This way you can determine the length and shape yourself because we can extend this type of nail. Your nails will not only look natural and beautiful, but they will also be sturdy! With the gel nail, you can go out with numerous possibilities. From classic as we know the French manicure to modern with glitter and various nail art options. Please note that you damage the natural nail slightly because we file on the natural nail!

Would you rather opt for the gel polish nail?

Gel polish nails also look very natural. But here the firmness and elongation are lost. Gel polish is an ideal solution if you do not want reinforcement on your natural nail. Here too you can go out with numerous possibilities. You can also opt for a French manicure or a full color with different nail art options. Please note that you damage the natural nail slightly because we lightly file on the natural nail!

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