Best Longbows for Beginners

Entering the world of hunting can be a daunting task. People feel very intimidated by all the great hunters that surround them. But these hunters didn’t become so great overnight. They were once beginners who practiced and practiced till they excelled at the sport.

But practice alone cannot guarantee success. You can have the world’s best tools at your disposal and still fail miserably. This is because you will always need a good bow to support your style. Luckily for you, there are a great many options available in the market.

We looked at some of the best bows for hunting and picked the ones that suited the beginners. We then compiled a list of their top features and compared them against each other. If you are a beginner and want to thrive at hunting or target shooting, then this is the right article for you. 

Here is everything you need to know about the best bows for hunting. 

SAS Pioneer Traditional Wood Bow

This is one of the most famous bows in the market. But the road to fame hasn’t been easy for it. The brand launched a great many bows beforehand, but this was one of the only models that stood out in the market. 

The bow itself boasts of a mixed design, meaning that a combination of woods is used in its construction. The riser is made of Makore wood and cassia Siama. The limbs, on the other hand, are made of strong fiberglass. These materials, coupled with strong craftsmanship add unmatched durability and strength to the entire design. As a result, you get your hands on one of the sturdiest bows out there. 

Another reason why it’s recommended for beginners is that it is appropriately sized. It’s only 68 inches long and hence offers good mobility and portability. You also get to aim easily without fatiguing yourself with this bow. Moreover, beginners are also very particular about draw weights. This bow has a minimum weight of 35 pounds which is easy to use for any amateur hunter. 

You can also increase the draw weight gradually. In this way, you can use this bow for as long as you want without needing any replacements. The only drawback to this design is that it comes with a shelf that a lot of new archers find uncomfortable. 

PSE Sequoia Longbow

This is yet another excellent bow that deserves to be put on the list of best crossbows for hunting anywhere. The best thing about this model is that it is relatively cheaper, so anyone looking to enter the world of hunting can easily invest in it. 

New hunters and shooters find heavy and longbows very intimidating. This is because holding these bows requires a lot of strength and energy. Luckily for such hunters, this is a very lightweight and sleek model that is easy to carry.

 The construction further adds to the appeal of the unit. A combination of cherry wood and black walnut is used in the making. Together, these two colors give this bow its unique patterned-design and add to its aesthetic appeal. On top of that, fiberglass and bamboo are used for the limbs. The former is also responsible for increasing the durability of the entire design. 

As for length, this is 68 inches of greatness in your hands. The initial draw weight is around 40 pounds but you can also choose a weight of 45, 50, or even 55 pounds. The option to choose from a wide variety of weights also makes it a good long-term companion. On top of that, adjusting the poundage on this model is also fairly easy. All this makes it one of the best bows for hunting, especially for beginners. 

As for the drawbacks, this bow lacks in terms of string quality. This is why many people prefer to have their strings replaced after a couple of months. Moreover, it is also known for inducing fatigue after the first few shots. 

Bear Archery Montana Longbow

This is a true masterpiece and is one of the best bows for hunting in the market. It is not cheap and should only be considered if you are ready to take on hunting seriously. For starters, it is a piece of art and is extremely appealing to the eye. It has a patterned design and is visually appealing. So if you are looking to make a statement, this is the bow that you should choose. 

But people don’t invest in this bow because of its unmatched beauty. It is also one of the only bows in the market that can strike the right balance between strength and accuracy. Maple wood is used for the construction of the riser. This not only adds to the strength of the riser but also makes it more stable. 

The limbs are also reinforced with fiberglass which is one of the most reliable and strong construction materials out there. Apart from strength, the entire combination of woods also adds to the beauty of the bow. You rarely get a white maple bow this attractive in the market. 

On top of that, there is a leather grip on the arrow rest. This is one feature that most beginners love the most. This is because a good grip allows them to hold their ground and get a more accurate shot in their first few tries. Another thing that adds to its appeal is its size. This is a 64-inch long model that favors mobility. Moreover, the initial draw weight is around 30 pounds and goes as high as 60 pounds. But beginners are advised to choose the draw weights on the lower end. 

You will also fall in love with the string that comes with this bow. It is a very consistent and sturdy string that boasts high durability as well. One of the only drawbacks to this model is that it’s slightly more expensive than all the other designs in the market. 


The best bows for hunting can be separated from the cheaper ones by a few simple features. The ones in the former category will offer good durability and good stability. They will also offer a good range of draw weights and a suitable draw length. However, beginners are more receptive to bows that are attractive and can hold their ground for long. So if you are new to hunting; make sure you look for things like good portability, low draw weight, and low poundage.

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