Best Games To Play With Zorb Ball

Zorb ball is also understood as Bubble soccer ball. It is as a giant bubble football that is used to play games. The only condition here is that you will be half-encased inside the ball.

Wondering, what does it mean exactly?

Well, while playing with this zorb ball, our upper body part including the head will be inside it. And legs will do the free-running for you. Thus, this game is usually played in the big fields

Sounds like a fun right!

So, without further ado, let’s check out some best games to play with this bubble soccer ball.

7 Best Games To Play With Zorb Ball

1. Bubble Fighting

As you can see the structure of the ball, they were created to bounce and bump into each other. Like a pack of bulls fighting. This means that you can plan this game with your gang and enjoy hitting each other to the fullest. Without worrying about hurting each other.

2. Team Racing

Just organize a race amongst as many people as you can and see who will reach the finish line first with half of their bodies inside the bubble soccer ball.

Sounds like a plan, isn’t it? but the fun part is the rules. Divide your group into pairs of two. And then decide the area of race.

When you will reach the start line, one player will wear the bubble ball while the other one will roll them so that they both can reach the finish line. Whichever pair reaches the finish line first will be the winner.

3. Bubble Football

Ever thought about playing football while wearing a giant ball over your body? No? then why don’t you think and plan about it now?

You know the rules of football, and here are the rules of bubble football; penalty kicks, free kicks, goal scoring, and player substitution, all of these are allowed.

Also, don’t forget to have two different colors of bubble balls so that you can differentiate between the teams easily.

4. The Bubble Combat Arena

What are your thoughts on group WWE? Like all your people are present at the pitch and playing combat. Trying to make each other fall. Whoever falls is out and whoever stands tall on their feet till the very end will be the winner.

Juts knock each other off until everyone is lying on the floor. A perfect game plan for a party, right?

5. Bull in the Ring

You must have played this game in your childhood with your gang. Where one person stands in the center and all the others circle him.

Here also, you have to do the same. The only difference is the bubble ball on your shoulders. One person at a time will charge from the circle at the person standing inside it.

And once he/she knocks him/her off. That person will now stand in the center to face the same challenge while the previous one will stand in the circle amongst the group. Waiting for their turn to attack.

6. Somersault Race

Can you imagine having a somersault race even if you don’t know how to do that? Since now you have the protection of the bubble ball, you can play this game with your friends and whoever reaches the finish line first, while somersaulting the entire path, will be the crowned winner of this game!

Just form a line and start doing forward somersaults. Fun advice: you can also change the rules and decide to somersault backward. This will add a lot more fun, and interest and make the game worth winning.

7. Bubble Bump VIP

In this game, two teams are made and a VIP is chosen from each team to come to the center and try to get the ball that is kept there. They have to bump into the VIP of the other team so that they can win the ball.

The one who falls will lose and the other VIP will take the ball. That is how they record their scores too.

You can find your bubble soccer game at Kameymall as well, So, did we miss any fun and famous bubble soccer game? Let us know!

To Sum Up:

When you decide on having fun, a lot of games can be played with a single Zorb ball. Just like we mentioned some of the best games to play with Zorb ball in this good read.

Hope you enjoyed the read and picked the game that is unique to you!

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