Best Exercises to Train Your Writing Skills

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If you have never written an essay, then when you receive such an assignment, you may be dumbstruck. For some people, it can be difficult to express their thoughts on paper. There are two solutions. The first is to find a service that offers a college essay to buy. They will write you an essay sample to help you write your paper correctly. The second solution is to start training your writing skills with specific exercises.

I have created a list of the best exercises for those who want to write like a professional writer. 

Best exercises for writers

  1. Take a look out the window. Then sit down at the table and describe everything you saw from memory. 
  2. Write 15 words starting with the letter “m.” Select one synonym for each of them.
  3. Find a photo of any person on the Internet. Write a story about who he/she is, whom he or she works, where he or she lives, and what he or she wants to achieve in life.
  4. Write a story using the pronoun “she” in each sentence.
  5. Write down any 12 words. Write a short story using these words.
  6. Find 20 associations for the word “writer.” These can be names, excerpts from songs, titles of films, and so on. 
  7. Remember your favorite childhood book. Describe why you liked it so much.
  8. Write out 20 words starting with the letter “p.” Come up with one antonym for each word.
  9. Start the story with the words: “Mary was at home alone and did her writing exercises. Suddenly a package rustled in the kitchen.” Develop the idea further.
  10. Write an 800-word story from someone you don’t like. You will definitely not forget this training for writers.
  11. Open five random images. Describe each of them in as much detail as possible. 
  12. Imagine a meeting between Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe. Write their dialogue.
  13. What’s the worst book you’ve read? Why is it exactly the one you don’t like?
  14. Your book character is an aspiring author who is afraid to do the writing exercise. State the reasons.
  15. Start your story with the phrase: “I love flying dogs.”
  16. Open any news on the Internet. Based on it, come up with a story.
  17. Write a 1,000-word story from the perspective of your best friend.
  18. Find 13 associations for the word: academy. 
  19. Michael hid the dog in his room so that his parents would not find it. Write a sequel. 
  20. List 10 reasons why you dislike going to school. Now write down ten facts, why school is the best place on Earth. Training like this for writers allows you to look at the situation from different angles.
  21. They want to put you in jail for the most unusual crime. What is this crime?
  22. Imagine people have learned to understand feline language. What do cats like to talk about?
  23. Who is your favorite writer? Justify the choice. 
  24. Write a story using the noun “wind” in each sentence. The story must be meaningful! 
  25. Imagine that you are sitting at a table with Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. What are you going to talk about?
  26. Is there a book you’ve never read and never will? If so, why?
  27. The main character of your story does not want to see his or her beloved. State the reasons.
  28. Imagine becoming the president of the USA. But you can only rule for one day. What will you do first?
  29. Imagine falling asleep doing the writing exercises. When you wake up, you find that you have learned to breathe underwater, just like SpongeBob. And then mermaids swam up to you and said that they would put you in an underwater dungeon if they saw you again. Continue the story.
  30. Who is your least favorite author? Justify your choice.

So, we’ve covered the best exercises for writers. Now let’s move on to the tasks.

Best tasks for writers: top-3

  1. Master of synonyms

Take any word and try to find as many synonyms for it as possible. For example, the word “writer” is an author, creator, or novelist. And when you’re done, think about what situation is best to use which option. Write down these situations.

Example: “A prose writer is an author who writes non-poetic works. Accordingly, the phrase “prose writer” cannot be used when it comes to a poet.” Exercises like these for writers will teach you how to find words that are close in meaning without using a dictionary of synonyms and other useful resources for writers.

1. A story in one letter

Come up with a short story where all words begin with one letter. And the story should make sense! Writing assignments like these help you think outside the box.

2. Letter to the past

Decide how many years ago you want to “go back.” These can be preschool years, adolescence, the time when you were 25, and so on. Now write a letter to you in the past. Give life instructions, explain what you shouldn’t do, and in general, write everything you want to share.

So now, you know the best writing exercises and tasks! I hope you enjoy them and will use them to become a better writer.

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