Best Document Related Websites That You Should Know About

Whether you are a student or a working professional, documents have become an integral part of our lives. Digital documents are everywhere. Almost all the fields are switching to the online mode where knowledge about digital documents comes in handy. It has become necessary to know how to share, transfer, edit, and make a document. To know everything about digital documents gives you an upper hand in the digital world. For example, it is easy to edit PDF  and Word documents, but it is important to know to do it. Here are a few document related websites that can prove to be very helpful to you while working.

1. Google Drive

Google Drive by Google is the best platform to share your documents, files, videos and audio. With 15 GB of ample cloud storage, it makes data sharing very easy and secure. There are Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets that makeup Google’s office suite, similar to Microsofts’ Office suite. The best part about Google Drive is that it is collaborative, you can share a file present on your drive to anyone with just their email ID. The entire data you share is encrypted, so it ensures complete security.


If you are searching for a perfect template document for your resume, business plan or invoice, this website is your answer. It provides over 100,000 templates for all types of documents. It allows customizations according to your details and style. The templates can be saved in different file formats like PDF, Word, HTML5, Outlook and many more. There are different types of plans to access the templates. The free plan gives access to thousands of templates while the paid plans give access to the entire website of 100,000+ templates.

3. PDFSimpli

PDFSimpli is a website that is the solution to all your PDF related issues. You can compress a PDF, merge different PDFs, convert PDF to Word, vice versa and more. It is a very user-friendly website for handling PDFs. PDF is a very reliable file format as it does not messes up with the structure of data in the document. This is the reason why this file format is widely used by everyone. While PDFs are easy to share and work with, it is difficult to edit them. PDFSimpli allows you to edit the PDF and save it in the same or different file format.

4. Scribd

The coronavirus has made almost everything online and digital. Scribd is just like an online library that allows access to e-books. You can read and listen to different documents online. It allows you to access over 60 million documents in different languages like English, French, Russian, etc. It is often referred to as “Netflix for books.” It also allows you to share and sell your work of words like magazines, presentations, podcasts and many more. You can share your content on Scribd easily.


Technology has made our lives very easy in almost every aspect. It keeps people connected, shares data securely, and stores unlimited data online. It is good to be tech-savvy and these websites keep you updated.

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