Best All Terrain Tyres Verse Highway Terrain Tyres

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In this article, we will assess the attributes of the best all terrain tyres in comparison to highway terrain tyres.

From the day-to-day commute to major off-road journeys – 4WD usage varies substantially. Tyres play a significant role in the functionality of 4WD performance. Several factors should be considered when deciding on a 4WD tyre that suits your needs and the type of ride you are looking for.

Below we will discuss the difference between Highway Terrain and All Terrain tyres, their intended use and assess their perceived advantages.

Highway Terrain (HT)

Highway Terrain (HT) tyres are comparable to the standard car tyres that most people would be familiar with. Their main use is on sealed roads and has been developed to supply a smooth, peaceful, consistent, and comfy driving experience.

HT tyres are relatively quiet when used on sealed roadways compared to various other 4x4D tyres. They typically perform better on wet or damp bitumen than All Terrain (AT) or specific Mud Terrain (MT) tyres.

Generally, a HT tyre has a greater rate score and reduced load index.

Highway Terrain tyres aren’t really an off-road design. They have a tread pattern is designed to give a smooth, comfortable trip with enhanced performance capabilities on sealed roads. HT tyres also don’t particularly have puncture resistance due to reduced sidewall thickness and also step location. As such HT Tyres are more prone to sidewall intrusion and also depreciation when driving in off-road terrain. If traversing along unsealed tracks for a considerable time, the AT or MT tyres are a better selection.

HT tyres are a good option if 4WD trips are kept to a minimum and the terrain isn’t too hard to navigate, like along gravel roads. With minimal road noise, excellent on-road comfort, and handling in wet conditions, HT tyres are a great option for long-term, long-distance asphalt driving.

All Terrain (AT) Tyres

All Surface (AT) tyres provide 4WD proprietors a compromise in between off-road abilities as well as everyday covered roadway use. Typically, the AT tyre design produces more noise its HT counterpart when used on bitumen roadways.

AT tyres have a much deeper and extra hostile tread than HT tyres. This gives a greater grasp of off-road problems. Typically speaking, the more powerful, thicker sidewalls of an AT tyre make them less likely to endure damage caused by usual risks that came across off-road, such as rocks, ruts as well as tree roots.

It must be stated that tyre toughness, quality and tread pattern designs of AT tyres vary greatly between tyre manufacturers. A heavier-duty AT tyre should be considered when performing extended or more than light off-road driving.

AT tyres supply a concession between the benefits of a HT tyre as well as a MT tyre. Invest in a quality set of AT tyres to finest suit your driving demands.