Best Activities to Develop Vocabulary Skills in Children

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Why is it important to teach vocabulary words to children? It is because children learn and use vocabulary words to make meaningful sentences. The use of appropriate words enables children to communicate well with their peers without any misunderstandings. Once children get familiar with the letters of the alphabet, they are introduced to words so that they can convey their thoughts in a better way. Introducing them to new vocabulary words helps children to improve their communication skills. They become more proficient in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

In the initial stages of their learning, young children find it difficult to grasp complex words. Therefore, they need to focus on learning three to four letter words and gradually move on to longer words, based on their comprehension levels. Children pick up words from their parents, and the people around them. It is very important to use age-appropriate words that create a positive impact on children. This will also help them to have meaningful conversations with others.

To introduce vocabulary words to children, you can prepare a list of words that you think are beneficial for them to learn. Also, you need to keep in mind that the words you teach kids should be age-appropriate. Learning new words helps children to develop their vocabulary and language skills. They can interact and communicate better with others, and build strong relationships. Most importantly, they will be able to perform well in their academics with better learning outcomes.

Interesting Activities to Teach Vocabulary Words to Children

Some of the best activities or games conducted for children to learn vocabulary words are mentioned below:

  • Pictionary: This is one of the best games for children to learn new words. You can ask children to draw an image of the words assigned to them. If they are successful in getting the other players to guess the word correctly, then points will be awarded.
  • Spot the words: Allow your child to explore words in and around the house. You can assign different themes such as food, animals, sports, etc., to children and ask them to categorize 10 words according to each theme.
  • Dictate words: Test your child’s spelling skills with the help of this activity. You can dictate the words and ask your child to write down the spelling. Assess their performance based on the number of words they spelled correctly.
  • Word scramble : You can take a list of words that your child has learned earlier and scramble the letters in each word. Ask your child to unscramble the words on the board. The child who can decipher the most number of given words will win the game.
  • Bingo: Create a bingo sheet with words written on each square. Give each child a bingo sheet and ask them to mark the words you call out. Children who are able to get all the answers correct will be awarded the first prize.
  • Flashcards: This is one of the best ways to teach vocabulary words to children. Show the flashcards to children and ask them to recognize the images illustrated therein. They should then call out the names. For example, if you show an image of a tiger, then children should be able to recognize the image and call out the names correctly.

Benefits of Teaching Vocabulary Words to Children

Teaching vocabulary words has a great advantage in building the personality of your child. Moreover, it enables them to communicate better, and build meaningful relationships with others. Some of the benefits of teaching words for kids are mentioned below:

  • Develops cognitive and motor skills in children.
  • Builds confidence to speak and interact with others.
  • Improves academic performance of children.
  • Improves understanding and pronunciation of words.
  • Develops reading and writing skills.
  • Enables children to make meaningful sentences using appropriate vocabulary words.
  • Enhances your child’s learning experiences.