Benefits and Advantages of Joining a Freight Association 

Modern freight forwarders need to deliver efficient and cost-effective services to enable their customers’ cargo to reach quickly, safely, and reliably. By joining freight forwarders and shippers associations, you can leverage the power of networking to offer services around the globe competitively. A brief overview of the benefits that accrue to you when you join a Furniture Shipping association:

Lower Freight Rates

Shipping associations aggregate the requirements of their members to negotiate better rates from carriers. The carriers also welcome this opportunity to deal with the association since they get the assurance of committed cargo volumes without negotiating individual contracts with hundreds of small shippers. Often, carriers offer their services on credit to further lock in their customers.

Access to Value-Added Services

Shipping associations are forever trying to offer different services that make it attractive for their members to stay within their fold and increase their clout in the industry. Many associations offer INO Global Protection services to their members that cover them from the risk of unpaid invoices. Members can also benefit from a blacklist warning service that alerts them to issues with customers, agencies, and carriers. It also acts as an effective platform for dispute resolution and arbitration.

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Industry Networking Platform

Freight Assist Sydney says one of the most significant benefits of a freight association is that it provides a formal platform for members to exchange ideas, voice concerns, share industry best practices, resolve disputes, form collaborations, and more. With the conferences, seminars, and workshops conducted by the association, members can update themselves with current industry practices and trends as well as the threats and opportunities presented by the changing environment. Compared to the basket of benefits, the freight membership cost is low and easily affordable for all members.

Representation Exhibitions and Fairs

A large number of shipping industry events are held around the world regularly that represents good opportunities for shippers and freight forwarders to market themselves and network with industry peers. However, it can be expensive to participate on your own. It can be more effective to take part in the representation by the association. Members can take part in many more events and trade fairs than on their own. According to Forbes, conferences are a great networking opportunity with thought leaders and potential customers. Click Here: ifun tv

More Opportunity for Worldwide Partnerships and Collaborations

With freight forwarders handling customers that require logistics service around the globe, it is hardly possible for them to have their own presence in various countries. With shipping associations encouraging members from all over the world to participate in their activities, it opens up a host of opportunities for them to strike up partnerships and collaborations for commercial representation in various cities. Not only can customers get better representation but also superior service with this kind of arrangement.

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Shippers and freight forwarders’ associations offer a basket of benefits that their members can enjoy for a pittance. By joining a shipping association, you get the benefit of industry-wide networking, discounted, negotiated, and stable rates, as well as opportunities to ramp up your learning curve on industry news, developments, and trends.

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