Avoid Psoriasis Flare ups by Doing those 10 Activities

When you have psoriasis, it can be a terrible time as the condition is ichthyosis, which affects the skin area. The best way to avoid psoriasis flare-ups is by keeping your skin moisturized and dry at all times.

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin disease that causes red, flaky, and itchy patches on the skin. It can occur anywhere on the body but usually focuses on areas such as hands, knees, and scalp. The patches are composed of scaling skin that is deep red with silvery scales.

It tends to be more common in men than women and mainly affects adults. Psoriasis can also be associated with arthritis and other immune system diseases. However, it is not contagious, nor does it result in any known deformities.

Keep reading to learn more of the ten activities that can help avoid psoriasis flare up:

  1. Take Warm or Hot Baths

This can be done by filling the tub with neither hot nor cold water, and it should be room temperature. Also, adding some Epsom salt to this bath will provide you with the most relief. The warm water will help keep your skin moisturized and if you have psoriasis on your hands and feet, soak your hands and feet in the bathtub for at least 10 minutes to beat psoriasis flare-ups.

  1. Moisturize Frequently

People who have psoriasis know how dry their skin can get. The best way to keep this under control is by moisturizing your skin frequently during the day. You can also use moisturizer before taking a bath or shower, so the warm water does not dry out your skin too much. Both these activities are sure to provide relief from psoriasis flare-ups.

  1. Try Not to Exercise without Moisturizing

People who exercise often have very hot bodies that tend to sweat more. This is why it is vital to moisturize your skin after a workout. A study done in Albany Medical College discovered that psoriasis people should not exercise without moisturizing as this can lead to flare-ups.

  1. Take Frequent Showers Instead of Baths

If you have the option, taking frequent showers is a great way to avoid psoriasis flare-ups. Warm water can also help your skin stay moisturized for a longer period. However, if you have the option, then taking a shower is much more preferable to a bath as warm showers do not dry out your skin as much as hot baths do. The bigger issue is, is swimming good for psoriasis? Swimming is not recommended if you have psoriasis, as this can dry your skin even more than it usually would.

  1. Try Not to Over-Exfoliate

Over-exfoliation can be just as bad for your skin as not exfoliating at all. The best way of overdoing it is by using something too abrasive on the skin, which will cause terrible psoriasis flare-ups. You should do this at least once a week, and if you do not have time to do it one day, it is best to skip that day.

  1. Wear Loose Clothing When It’s Warmer Out

Wearing loose clothing will keep your skin from being too dry, which can help avoid psoriasis flare-ups. Tight clothes are known for trapping heat, making the wearer overheat and sweat even more. When you have psoriasis, sweating can be one of your biggest problems, as it will only make your skin drier and could worsen psoriasis flare-ups.

  1. Reduce Stress

It is crucial for anyone who has psoriasis as stress exacerbates the condition and increases the number of flare-ups. This is why it is always recommended that you reduce stress by doing activities such as meditation, yoga, and exercise, which all help to lower stress levels.

  1. Sleep Well

Getting plenty of sleep each night can also be beneficial for people living with psoriasis because the body heals itself when you are sleeping, so getting enough sleep is essential.

  1. Try to Avoid Foods that Cause Flare-Ups or Aggravate Psoriasis

Certain foods can cause flare-ups for psoriasis, such as spicy foods, dairy products, and alcoholic beverages. Ensure to have the best diet plan for psoriasis in your daily diet. Dairy products tend to trigger psoriasis in some people because it causes the body to become inflamed, which is pretty much what psoriasis is.

Alcoholic beverages are also known for triggering an outbreak of psoriasis. However, some people can drink alcohol without having an attack, so it does seem to vary from person to person. Spicy foods tend to trigger psoriasis flare-ups because they cause the body temperature to rise, triggering outbreaks.

  1. Practice Relaxation Techniques

You can try many relaxation techniques, such as meditation, yoga, and exercise, so there is no excuse for not practicing relaxation techniques daily. These will all help you reduce stress and get plenty of rest every night, which is vital for people living with psoriasis

Final notes

As you can see there are many things that people with psoriasis can do to avoid psoriasis flare-ups or reduce the risk of them occurring. As long as you are dedicated and follow these tips, it should help improve your skin condition.

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