Aviator game in pin-up casino

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The Pin-Up casino is a wonderful place to start if you want to play Aviator without spending much money. For Indian players who want to play Aviator, the safe and secure gaming platform Pin-up Casino offers a great gaming experience.

What is an Aviator game?

The name of the game even gives the gameplay away. When you first start the game, you will see an aeroplane going up before it crashes. When the round begins, which is represented by an aeroplane taking off, a multiplier starts to increase. Before the plane crashes in this game, you must immediately click the cash out button. Your wager will not be returned if you are unable to do so. No one can anticipate when the plane will crash because each round in this online casino game is unpredictable. How far you want to go is entirely up to you. As the plane ascends, the multiplier will increase, making it more challenging and risky as very high multipliers often come with plane crash reach.

Aviator Game’s features at Pin-up Casino

Aviator’s simple UI is one of its defining qualities at the pinup casino. There is an aeroplane in the centre of the game screen. The “My Bets” panel is located underneath the main section and shows all of the player’s wagers along with information on the payouts. A panel containing live bets can be found on the left side of the gaming lobby. Indian players can view every wager made during the current round by visiting this page. The game statistics, including wins and losses, are displayed in the “Top” panel.

A live chat feature for interacting with other players is located on the right side of the Aviator’s interface. The “rain” function spreads a few free bets throughout the game’s conversation area. By selecting the “Claim” option, any user can obtain them.

How to play Aviator Demo mode at pin-up casino?

Use the demo mode function if you’re new to the game and want to try out the Pin Up casino Aviator game. This is a fantastic way for inexperienced players to practice the game’s rules without risking their own money. To play this, you should:

  • Visit Pin Up Casino’s official website.
  • Choose the Aviator video game from the list of popular entertainment options.
  • To make a risk-free wager, select the “Demo” button.
  • Play a fun game without taking any chances!

After using the Aviator demo, you may take your chances and play at Pin-Up Casino with actual money.

Pin-up aviator technique

Using automatic bets and automatic cash-outs is the finest strategy for pin up casino aviator. The decision then comes down to whether you want to take a chance or play it safe. Set the auto cash out at 1.7–1.8x, and be sure to wager on each round if you want to be extra cautious. Do the same technique but set your auto cash out to 4-5x or more if you want to take a bigger risk.