Automotive Adhesive Tapes Market

COVID-19 & adhesive tapes

The pandemic is projected to have an influence on different values of the automotive adhesive tape market, notably in the year 2020, throughout the forecast period. COVID-19 has the following effects:

The fall in vehicle production, which was directly related to the decrease in the total car adhesive tapes market, has resulted at COVID-19. Stopping car manufacturing, interruptions of the supply chain and decreased demand for aftermarket services all led to a collapse of the market by 2021. Due of lockdowns in force during this era, demand for new automobiles was minimal in epidemic nations. The size and rate of the future rebound for the automotive sector will rely on a number of factors, including the possible second and third waves of the pandemic, the pace of economic recovery and desire to acquire new automobiles from individuals and companies. We have the best Electronics tapes for you, please visit our site.

Adhesive Tapes

As a lightweight dissolution solution in electric cars throughout the projection period, adhesive tape is anticipated to have significant demand. They are used globally by producers of electric car batteries to enhance manufacturing processes, boost vehicle safety and reduce weight. In close cooperation with world top OEMs and suppliers, automobile adhesive tapes producers are continuously creating new adhesive tapes particularly for electric and hybrid vehicles. Battery makers of electric vehicles rely on high-quality tapes, adhesives and embedded materials to retain and guard electric car battery parts. Light weighing is also crucial as makers of electric vehicles have to balance the increased battery weight in order to expand the range. For best RFID adhesive, consider our site.


With the growing worldwide concern about climate change and energy security automakers are faced with increased pressure to enhance their fleets’ fuel economy. As a construction base of cars, car manufacturers use aluminium and composite materials. Aluminum as well as composite materials are costlier than steel. The car industry is thus considering locations in which adhesive tapes might be used to save costs instead of rivets and bolts. Structural stickers are designed to fit and bond multi-materials and are the perfect adhesive option for high performance and lightweight design. Have a try to view the VIN of your Ford car.


With solvent-based adhesives, the main problem is that they are environmentally and human health damaging. Solvent-based adhesives have dissolved binders that contain volatile chemical components in a carrier fluid (VOCs). Since the 1970s, however, the health and ecological risks of solvent-based adhesives have been identified, and regulatory pressure has increased in the last 30 years of these goods. These provisions demand that producers move from solvents to water-based technologies or develop the technology to make more environmentally friendly solvent-based adhesives, which is a major issue for manufacturers of adhesive and adhesive tape. Acrylic is the market leader in the prediction period by adhesive type. Acrylic adhesives provide good bonds between metal, plastics, glass, pottery, and stainless steel to a broad variety of surfaces. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is projected to expand quicker during the projection period, since it is a key backbone of the automotive tape sector. Poly-vinyl chloride automatic adhesive rugs are used for the isolation and assembly of electronic components for specific applications. The segment of electricity will expand between 2021-2026 with the greatest CAGR. This increase stems from advances in battery technology for electric vehicles, offering possibilities for bonding and heat control applications with adhesive tapes. In 2020, Asia Pacific led its market in value over the world of automobile adhesive tapes. It is because China, Japan and India are in great demand. The governments of these rising nations have recognised the growing potential of the electric vehicle industry and have therefore adopted various measures to entice large electric car manufacturers to the local markets.

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