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The year of 2020 was daunting for people all around the globe, but amidst the pandemic there were some successful trends that shook the world and changed the industries. One such trend was the inception of virtual events. Before 2020, if you think about events, what comes to your mind first? Probably the travelling, meeting experts, interactions, knowledge share, and whatnot. 

Virtual events are a long-term and healthy alternative to the in-person events. Even though being connected is great, attending virtual events can be uninteresting. Even conducting virtual events is tiresome and requires double the efforts when compared to in-person events. 

As event organizers, marketing and promoting the event for registrations is not just enough, but attracting top speakers and influencers is a task, too. So why is attracting influencers and speakers important? Because of their enormous number of followers. 

Influencers and speakers can also be called “Human Billboards” because of their ability to reach their large audience and promote the upcoming event to attract more eyeballs and monetize registrations. 

But reaching out to the speakers and influencers and converting them to speak at your event is not a cakewalk. Many organizations find it very difficult in reaching out to the influencers and speakers, and in our latest blog, we examine some suggestions and ways to leverage the ideas to your benefit. 

How to reach for speakers and influencers from your industry?

As you begin researching, you will find many speakers and influencers in your industry, but getting to know the right one is important. The ones who are at the top of their game will come to your mind instantly, but you must Google and search for the lesser known ones. 

Before the event, advertise with your requirements and try to reach potential speakers and influencers. Connect with fresh talents and look through their profiles to find the ONE from your industry. 

Leverage social media by advertising more about the hunt. Research relevant hashtags to target influencers. Tune into conversations in different groups or chats to find out the desired speaker or influencer. 

From a list of candidates that you collect, filter the one that suits your needs. Go through their past works, their followers, their followers relevance score, review their content, and get to know more about them from the industry. 

Finding the right talent must always align with your brand voice, event purpose, tone, and other needs. So be mindful of your choices and choose the one that best suits your brand. 

Now that you have your speaker or influencer shortlisted, compelling them to actually spend their time speaking at your event and engaging with your audience is the next milestone that you must achieve. 

How to interest your speaker or influencer and send them an exciting invite?

When you craft a proposal to invite the speakers or influencers, make sure that the proposal is so tempting and impactful that they can never say no. 

While drafting your proposal, certain things that need your attention are,

  1. The exposure they will get after attending your event. 
  2. Long-term relationship and promotion after the event. 
  3. List of other speakers or influencers and the benefit of attending the event. 
  4. Compensation and perks. 

Budding or lesser known speakers want more of popularity and eyeballs over hefty paychecks. Research about the speakers well so that you understand their desires and needs. But don’t take advantage and offer them a sub-par compensation. 

Important aspects to address potential speakers or influencers

1. Communication is the key

Communicating wisely is important over just communicating with half knowledge. Lay down a fool-proof plan before heading towards speaking with the speakers. Interest them of what they might get out of the event, and how they can benefit. Draft an exciting proposal that interests them and enlightens them about the advantages. 

Remember, as much as the speakers are benefitted from the event, make sure that you shortlist only those speakers who can help you gain eyeballs in return. It is important that you don’t let the excellent speakers slip away and remain transparent with them throughout the conglomeration. 

 2. Define the scope of the event

It is wise of you to inform the speakers about the audience type, their demographics, their background, the size of the audience, and the scope. Follow-up with them at regular intervals and always stay on the hook to respond to invites. 

Be more persistent, utilize email to its fullest, and stop when required. 

3. Create a landing page

When you are running campaigns, it is important that the speakers or influencers land on the correct page rather than being lost. Create an exciting landing page for the upcoming event and showcase some information about the event. 

List down all the benefits the speakers would get out of the event and drop important information like date and time of the event, links to social media.

Create a hype by constructing your hashtags and make sure that a noise is made by continuous posting using the hashtags. 

4. Keep your topics ready

When you approach speakers or influencers, it is important that you have a list of topics ready. Topics will help you open the conversation, provide more clarity about the event and its benefits, and the type of speech is expected from the speaker. 

Suggesting topics may also bring the brighter side out of the speaker and intrigue them to come up with more interesting topics. 

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Making your event right is important. Marketing the event to grab more eyeballs and garner traction is also important. While the way we reached our audience was a little different a few years ago, leveraging the social media platforms and monetizing on the availability of influencers is a must if you have the budget and strength to make your event a huge success. 

If you are someone who is starting small, then don’t think about having the presence of an influencer. Get in touch with your industry leaders, or organizations with whom you would love to work with, and hit the stage. Once you have enough eyeballs, invite an influencer to make the event go big craft a proposal!

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