Are you on a Search for the Perfect Pair of Elevator Shoes?

It can weigh on your self-esteem to be a short guy in this society. Even if you’re secure in yourself and confident in whom you are, at times societal pressure may lead you to wanting to be just a bit taller. Elevator shoes were created specifically for combatting this problem and have other benefits associated within them.

Elevator shoes are innovative, comfortable, and classy and loved by men and women from around the world. Through the high quality level of materials used to create elevator shoes, the teams of crafters and creators have been able to design elevator shoes that emphasis and accentuate their charming qualities, while subtly disguising aspects that one would prefer not to reveal.

#1- Undiscernible

Elevator shoes give you 3-6 inches added to your height, without being an obvious heel attached to the shoe. Specifically, brands like guidomaggi luxury Italian shoes offer a lift to your height, but with the style and effortlessness of a classic Italian shoe. The founder and CEO of guidomaggi, Emanuele Briganti designed the shoes to add up some inches of height, while still having maximum comfort. 

#2- Great for Special Events

While you may not feel the need to wear these shoes every day, they are great for special occasions. If you’re going to an event with a woman who is at your height or even taller, elevator shoes can even out your height difference for a night. Love and relationships shouldn’t be based off of height, but often shorter men are judged when they are with a taller woman. Elevator shoes let you bridge the gap. 

#3- Get Approached by Women More

Similarly, to how women wear makeup to look more put-together and attract men at bars or clubs, you can do the same with your height. Often women prefer tall men to short and are more likely to approach a tall man in a club or bar. Wear your elevator shoes for these occasions so that your chances of being approached by a woman in public go up.


Quality is always at our first and forefront, and we wish and strongly believe that every single one of our clients here at guidomaggi Elevator Shoes is happy and satisfied with their chosen pair of elevator shoes. Step in style with a premium quality pair of Elevator Shoes, the perfect addition to any individual’s wardrobe. You have to know air Jordan 1 shoe collections.

Elevator shoes are a chic, modern way to increase your height, give you confidence, and attention. Make sure to buy high quality elevator shoes, and embrace who you are in them.

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