All You Need to Know About the Latest News in Pakistan: Hum News Vs Ary News

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Hum News live and Ary News live are Pakistani live tv channels. Both TV channels broadcast news 24 hours. You can watch live streaming of both on Pak24tv.

What is the difference between Hum News and Ary News?

One of the television channels Hum News is a part of the Geo Television Network. Ary News live is owned by Ary Digital Network, which also owns Geo Television Network. Hum TV is a privately owned television channel that was launched in 2003. It is well-known for its dramas. Hum TV has started the chat show called Life Mein Hai Mera Dil. Hum News live has a Live feed on Youtube where all of its live news is available on YouTube. You can find all the news and latest updates on Hum News here. All You Need to Know About the Latest News in Pakistan: DAWN Daily Vs SAMAA TV Dawn is one of the prominent news channels in Pakistan. It is one of the most popular news channels in Pakistan because of its non-partisan news coverage.

Differences in transmission

Broadcast time difference The time difference between Hum Network is 30 minutes while Ary News is 15 minutes. The time difference between Ary News is 15 minutes. 7 pm news Another difference is the time of broadcasting.

The difference in news coverage

Generally, all the Pakistan live tv channels broadcast the news in very same way, which is dubbed in Urdu. Ary News was always about the news in English. Their news is on air more frequently than other live tv channels. It has always provided political insight and analysis, as well as the latest news in their News. Reporters They both broadcast news in various ways. Hum Media has a team of reporters, TV anchors, and professionals working at the organization, who are capable enough to deliver the news in a proper manner. Ary News was always working with three or four professional staffers, who are having different skills, but in the end, they were always experts in delivering the news.


TV is a good source to get the latest news. You can also use audio and video streaming websites to watch online news.