All The Pros And Cons Of A Hysterectomy

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A hysterectomy is a procedure that involves the partial or complete removal of the uterus through surgery. Hysterectomies can be used to relieve symptoms of several conditions, and their extent is determined based on each condition.

It can be performed through methods such as open abdomen surgery and various minimally invasive surgeries. In McAllen, minimally invasive surgery is available and ensures a quicker recovery time and reduced risks of side effects.


  • Relief from Chronic Conditions

Common conditions that can be treated or improved with a hysterectomy include:

  • Endometriosis

The endometrium is a tissue that lines the inside of your uterus. When a similar tissue starts growing outside the uterus, a condition called endometriosis is developed. Pelvic pain, excessive bleeding, cramping, infertility, painful intercourse, and uncomfortable bowel movements are signs of endometriosis.

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Low body mass index, early periods, never giving birth, and shorter menstrual cycles increase the likelihood of this condition occurring. Laparoscopic hysterectomy can help remove the tissue and relieve the painful symptoms. 

  • Uterine Prolapse

When the uterus slips from its original location into the birth canal due to weakened muscles or ligaments, the uterus is said to be prolapsed. Symptoms include increased discharge, vaginal bleeding, protruding uterus, constant bladder infections, and painful intercourse. 

A pelvic test is conducted to diagnose the condition, and a hysterectomy can be one of the surgical treatments available. Cancer in the uterus, continuous vaginal bleeding, fibroids, pelvic inflammatory diseases, and adenomyosis are other conditions.

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  • Better Quality of Life

Health complications can disrupt your daily activities. The pain and discomfort caused by the symptoms reduce drastically and your overall physical health. Symptoms can also deteriorate your mental health, and you might develop depression and anxiety because of the chronic pain and its stress. Surgical treatment improves your psychological state of mind. 

  • Less Invasive 

The minimally invasive procedure involves lesser loss of blood and scarring because of the smaller incisions made. The detailed imaging ensures complete accuracy and lowers the risk of damage to surrounding organs, tissues, and blood vessels. It also recovers faster than regular surgery, so you do not need long periods of rest and can resume your responsibilities sooner. 


  • You will not be able to get pregnant after a hysterectomy. If you are planning to start a family, it is suggested to try alternative treatment methods to cure or manage your condition. 
  • It might cause physical changes, such as early menopause, and affect your bowel movements. 
  • Blood clots, infections, and urinary tract injuries are possible surgical risks. 
  • Vaginal dryness and a lack of a cervix might result in less enjoyable intercourse. 
  • Weight gain after the surgery is common.