All About Golfers Elbow

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A Golfers elbow occurs inside of the elbow. Pain basically occurs in the joint of an elbow. Pain may spread to the forearm and wrist. Proper exercise and treatment can heal the pain. 

You will learn what causes a golfer’s elbow as well as what are symptoms of golfer’s elbow. 

What causes golfers elbow:

Read all possible reasons for golfers elbow-

  1. Forceful, repetitive movements 
  2. Throwing goods can cause golfers elbow
  3. Weight lifting can also cause this

Symptoms of Golfer’s Elbow:

Here are the symptoms of golfer’s elbow-

  1. Pain in the inside of elbow
  2. Weakness in the hand and wrists
  3. You may feel tingling

When you have higher risk for golfers elbow-

  • When you have 40+ age
  • When you are smoker 
  • Task of repetitive movements at least 2 hours a day

How to get rid of golfer’s elbow pain:

Before reading below points of golfers elbow primary treatments, you can read the Elbow Pain Guide. You can follow below rules- 

  • You can use ice to relieve pain
  • Don’t do any works which need elbow movement until you are totally ok
  • You can use brace to reduce pain

If you don’t feel confident you can consult with “fix my elbow”

When to consult with a specialist: 

Elbow pain specialist center ‘Fix my elbow’ run by a specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist “James Luccock” can be good for reducing your pain. They are professional and they don’t recommend you to take drugs. Here are the points when you should consult with a specialist like James Luccock.

  • When you have fever for the pain
  • When you are not able to bend your elbow
  • Deformed of elbow

What people says about fix my elbow:

  • James Peck from GB said that he had some issues with elbow pain. But after taking proper steps recommended by fixmyelbow he was recovered from pain. He highly suggested their service
  • David Young said that he was super happy for the home rehab programme. He was happy because he could get all possible treatments from their virtual service.

Frequently Asked Question:

  • When should I go to an expert?

Answer: You can consult with ‘fix my elbow’. They are professional.

  • How long does it take for golfers elbow to heal?

Answer: 90% of the pain goes its own way.

  • What happens if golfers elbow goes untreated?

Answer: He may have experience with limited motion of arm and wrist

  • Do you need surgery for golfers elbow?

Answer: Most of the time you don’t need surgery options. So you need to talk to a specialist. 

Hope you all understand the primary level of golfers’ elbows. Now you can learn what causes a golfer’s elbow, what the symptoms are, and when to consult with a doctor.