Advantages of OptiLight 

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When it comes to windows, there is simply no better option than OptiLight. Choosing OptiLight windows offers several benefits over conventional ones. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits offered by Optilight Windows.

Premium-Quality Wood

Optilight windows are carefully crafted with the highest quality pinewood. There are unique selection criteria for choosing the wood for the windows. The wood is bonded in layers, impregnated and then finished using an acrylic coating. Doing so protects the outermost surface of the wood from environmental elements, while the aluminium protects against the sun.

Thermal Insulation via Glazing

All the OptiLight windows are equipped with a very large glazing area that allows more sunlight to enter the room. All windows are double glazed with acoustic features and single-chambered construction. An inert gas is filled between the pane spaces. The internal pane is painted with a heat reflecting layer followed by a tough external glass. Doing all this ensures that a window is created that prevents heat loss in the winters and keeps the room from overheating in summers, making for the optimal indoor temperature.


The construction of OptiLight windows is based on centre-pivoting. Hinges are installed in the centre of the windows and this allows the sash to be rotated 180 degrees and open in every direction. The handle design allows for the windows to be shut down with two positions of micro ventilation. The bottom of every window is equipped with a handle that makes the window easier and comfortable to operate and the bottom sash means that the windows can’t be any easier to operate


Due to the versatility offered by OptiLight windows, it is no surprise that they are the top choice for many customers. Due to their multiple-angle installation feature, OptiLight windows are a great choice for roof and loft windows. For any pitch between 15 and 90 degrees, OptiLight windows are a perfect choice.

Metal Cladding

OptiLight windows have a metal cladding element made entirely of aluminium sheets which ensures protection during transportation, installation and day to day use. To sum things up, you can be confident that OptiLight windows will serve you for a very long time to come. Thanks to the weather-resistant polyester coating, these windows are durable and rugged. An added benefit of metal cladding is the beautiful appearance and stylish look.

Choose OptiLight Roof Windows

As you can see, OptiLight windows offer huge benefits over regular windows. For starters, they are premium quality, allow more light to enter and keep the cold away. They also come equipped with a wide range of accessories and customization to enable them to work according to your needs. Finding a window as premium and feature-packed as OptiLight is a tough job, so why should you settle for less when you can have the very best?