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789BET is known to players as the number 1 prestigious casino brand in Asia. Currently, the house owns a very large and huge player base. This is the factor that has partly made the prestige and position of the house 789BET over the years. To understand more about this prestigious bookmaker brand, let’s join AE3888’s experts to evaluate 789BET in the article below.

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789BET – Asia’s No.1 Prestigious Casino is a dealer brand legally registered by COSTA RICA. This is the license that helps the house become a quality, reputable and reliable playground today.

789BET – Asia’s No. 1 Prestigious Casino House is a new legal house brand established in recent years. Currently, the bookie is expanding the market to Vietnam. Where the house has quickly received the support and participation of a large community of Vietnamese bettors.

With the number of members participating in the house constantly increasing over the years. The playing halls at 789BET are never empty of players. This has partly proved that the house’s prestige is completely real, not a flashy “hype”.

789BET always works towards the motto to bring a quality entertainment environment for players. Thereby, the house often receives the high rating of AE888 and analyzes what are the preferences and needs of bettors at 789BET? From there, they build a betting system to fully serve the needs of players in the most comprehensive way.

789BET is recognized as the house that provides the most attractive betting service today. In addition, the number of games that the house offers is also quite a lot. Detail:

⦁ Sports includes 5 game halls: BTI, SBOBET, CMD368, UNITED GAMING, SABA SPORTS.

⦁ Casino with 6 extremely quality playing halls: BBIN, PLAYTECH, AG, WM, DG, AE Sexy.

⦁ 789BET game is a gathering place for entertaining games for participants.

⦁ Lottery – Lottery with 3 forms of entertainment: Lottery Lobby, GW Lobby, GPI Viet Lottery.

⦁ Cockfight with SV388 switchboard and TRC horse racing.

In addition, the house also provides other forms of entertainment such as: Shooting fish, 3D card games, E-sports … These are all games that receive great attention from players when participating in the house. .

⦁ 789BET is a reputable bookmaker brand in the Asian market. Players when participating in the house do not need to worry about being caught or scammed when playing betting.

⦁ The house has an interface designed to be close, friendly and professional. This is to bring the perfect experience to betting players.

⦁ The house has a fast deposit and withdrawal transaction speed. The diverse trading methods give players a variety of suitable options.

⦁ 789BET regularly organizes extremely attractive promotions. Participating in promotions, you will have more opportunities to increase your betting capital.

⦁ Professional customer care service.

⦁ The bookie protects customer information the best.

Instructions for registering a 789BET account

Members, when you want to register for a 789BET account, please access the link to the house. Then on the main interface you select “Register” and proceed to fill in information such as:

789BET account registration form

⦁ Username: You choose the name written without accents.

⦁ Password: Consists of 8-20 alphanumeric characters.

⦁ Email address: Please enter the exact email you are using.

⦁ Phone number: You enter your phone number and omit the first zero.

⦁ SMS verification code: You enter the verification code sent to the phone message.

Finally, the player clicks on the item “I am 18 years old or older” and then selects “Register now”. The request will be successfully processed by the house and after about 5 seconds, you will officially become a member of the 789BET house. Learn more about how to register for an 8KBET account here!

Players have any problems when playing at the 789BET house or need to answer any information? Please contact directly to the operator of the bookie 789BET for the best support. Currently, 789BET’s customer service lines are always open 24/7 to serve players.

Through the article on our experts have assessed quite detailed and complete aspects of the house 789BET. Right now you go to the road

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Hotline: 086 798 4249

Zalo: 0948 956 902

Address: 50 Nguyen Anh Thu, Ba Diem, Hoc Mon, Ho Chi Minh City

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