A Year 7 Survival Guide

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What!? Who is this young person and where did your baby go? High school seems to sneak up on even the best of us.

It’s normal for both you and your child to feel a little nervous about beginning this new chapter. Check out our top tips for not only surviving high school but thriving during the experience.

Prepare to Study Hard

We hear all the time about how beginning high school students are nervous about the amount of work they will be expected to complete. They had a routine down at their old school, but high school is a whole different game.

Put your child’s fears to rest by reminding them that their teachers aren’t ogres who want to see them fail. Instead, they are cheerleaders who want to see your child succeed.

Will they pile on homework? Yes. Will they expect it to be done? Yes. But the purpose is to help every student succeed, not to watch them fail. Plus, teachers make themselves readily available to help students who are struggling. Encourage your child to ask for help sooner rather than later to avoid frustration.

Prep Well Ahead of Time

The right mindset is important for starting school and so is having the right materials on hand. Take your child back-to-school shopping well ahead of time.

This helps them start mentally preparing for high school as well as ensures you can get everything you need. Don’t be that family who is rushing around town the night before school starts shopping for school supplies.

Shopping ahead of time ensures that everything you need will be in stock. Plus, your child will get their pick of themed items rather than getting stuck with whatever is left.

Do a (Few) Dry Runs of Your Morning Routine

The new school will be in a new location. Unless you know the route well, don’t just assume it will take x-amount of time to get there. Get up with your child and go through what will become your morning routine.

If you will be driving them, drive to the school after breakfast and see if you make it on time. If they will be going alone, walk, bike, or hop the bus with them to ensure they know the way as well as how long it takes.

It’s also a great idea to start getting used to their new wake-up time a week or two before school starts. If they have been sleeping in all summer, it’s hard to just start getting up earlier one morning. Unless your child is a really chipper morning person, they will be in a fog.

Relax and Enjoy!

High school is hard work, but it’s also a ton of fun. Your child will have the opportunity to make new friends, try new activities, and get involved in community events. Encourage them to take advantage of these opportunities.

As long as they are keeping up good grades, definitely encourage them to enjoy the ride. It only comes once in a lifetime!