A Patient’s Experience of Undergoing Minimally-Invasive Treatment for Gallstones

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My name is Ahana Mittal and I was diagnosed with gallstones almost 2 years ago. There was no urgent need for treatment and the symptoms were also mild. Hence, I kept on delaying getting proper treatment until the pain became unbearable. Finally, I decided to undergo the minimally-invasive laparoscopic treatment for gallstones at Pristyn Care. Here is my experience of how I got rid of the gallstones permanently through the minimally invasive laparoscopic procedure. 

My family had a history of gallstones and due to that, my mother always warned me to be careful with what I eat. But I never cared enough about her advice until I started feeling pain in my belly region. One day during dinner time, the pain became severe. I thought it was acidity, but the pain grew stronger and lasted for several hours. My mother took me to the hospital for a checkup and it was found that I had gallstones. I was told again to eat a healthy and balanced diet. The doctor also gave some cholesterol medicines to lower the level of harmful cholesterol in the body. 

Symptoms for Gallstones 

In the earlier stages, the pain caused by gallstones was occasional and used to disappear on its own. But with time, I started having symptoms like upset stomach, vomiting, and pain in the right shoulder. I had already made many changes in my diet and also took some paracetamol to manage the pain, but there was no improvement in my condition. 

The cholesterol medicines prescribed by the doctor were also useless. I used to wake up multiple times at night due to the pain and even tried home remedies in a desperate attempt to avoid undergoing surgery. But at last, I had to reconsider my options and ask my doctor for a reference to remove gallstones surgically. He recommended me to consult with Pristyn Care doctors and said that they will be able to help me in the best way possible. 

Diagnosis Phase 

Before visiting Pristyn Care, I took it upon myself to check their reputation. I browsed through their website and read numerous testimonials of the patients who have had surgery with them. There were also videos of the patients sharing their experiences which were very helpful for me personally. 

I called Pristyn Care and booked an appointment with a doctor. They scheduled the consultation at a nearby clinic which was only 15 minutes away from my location. He listened to my problem and suggested a blood test, ultrasound, and HIDA scan for an accurate diagnosis. The tests were also prebooked. So, I didn’t have to wait long to get my tests done. 

After looking at the test results, the doctor told me that it is best that I opt for surgical removal of gallstones. Surgery was a big deal for me and I was hoping that it doesn’t come to that. But when the doctor said that, I could only ask if there is a painless procedure to remove gallstones. 

He explained that the laparoscopic surgical procedure that is primarily employed by Pristyn Care for gallstone treatment is indeed minimally invasive and painless. He briefed me about the procedure and the possible risks and complications. Once I heard about the benefits of laparoscopic surgery, I was less anxious and just wanted to get rid of the stones in my gallbladder. 

Before the Surgery 

The Pristyn Care representative who was coordinating with me told me that they will take care of all the formalities of the treatment. He told me that I can pay for the surgery using my insurance. He took the insurance papers and filed a claim to help me cover the cost of treatment. 

As I was preparing myself mentally for the surgery, the doctor also instructed me to stop taking supplements and medications before the surgery. 

On the Day of Surgery 

Finally, on the day of surgery, the medical coordinator of Pristyn Care booked a cab for me and I reached the hospital early in the morning. A care-buddy was also provided by them during my hospital stay. He took care of the hospital admission formalities on my behalf and a single room was already prepared. 

After arriving at the hospital, I was taken to the operation theatre and he carried out the surgery. I was under anesthesia during the procedure. So, I don’t remember much. After I woke up, I was out and the doctor came to check on me. He told me that the surgery was successful and all stones were carefully removed from my gallbladder. I was so relaxed after hearing that. 

I stayed in the hospital overnight with my mother and got discharged the next morning. The doctor gave a personalized plan with detailed instructions about the do’s and don’ts after the surgery. 


For the next two days, I stayed in my bed. The doctor told me to take proper rest for 2-4 days before I resume my daily activities and I was happy to oblige. The surgery was in fact minimally invasive and painless as I didn’t have either stitches or pain after the surgery. The full recovery took almost a week, but I was able to walk and perform basic activities from the next day. 

The doctor said that I should let pain guide me and I will be fine. It has been more than 5 months since my surgery and I am better than before now. The small incisions didn’t leave any scar and I no longer have to suffer from the pain of gallstones. I genuinely thank Pristyn Care and my doctor for helping me get rid of the problem.