A Guide to Learn About Bathroom Renovation

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A healthy and good lifestyle is a factor that directly affects our productivity. Hence, to have a good and fascinating lifestyle the first thing you can do is to have a newly designed bathroom, giving it a new look. However, certain things can make a person confused when it comes to bathroom renovation. So, here is proper guidance that will guide you through the process.

Where to renovate the bathroom?

To get the best service and bathroom renovation you need to hire a trustworthy and we’ll be working for a renovation company. However, it’s really difficult to find such a company as there are many custom home builder Scarborough. But we are here to get you the most appropriate solution for it.

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Things to consider before renovating a bathroom

There are certain things that one should know before renovating a home. So that the work of renovation goes smoothly. Here we are going to discuss such things.

  • Shower or tub: before going for a renovation, make a proper decision about whether you need a shower or a tub. A family with kids may prefer a bathtub for their kids. Whereas the adults may prefer a shower and some can prefer and afford both.
  • Tiles: with tiles, you can give a completely different and better look to your bathroom. However, there are different types of tiles to be considered like slate, natural stones, ceramic or porcelain, etc. However, their maintenance varies greatly according to the type.
  • A towel rack or cabinetry: think carefully and choose the one that suits your bathroom model the most. As both of them are equally popular to use. They cost from a few dollars up to 100 dollars based on their design.
  • Flooring: there is a wide variety of flooring options that you will get, but they vary in their types and price. For example, Linoleum costs about $6 to $9 per square foot whereas marble costs about $20 to $30 per square foot. There are much more flooring options available, however, choose wisely.

Partial bathroom renovation

It is the most appropriate renovation idea for people who want to upgrade their bathroom without spending much. Under this you can repaint the wall and add new tiles, you can also add shelves and fixtures. It will cost up to $5000, however, it can vary according to the changes that you want to do.

Permits and legal: the plumbing and electrical works need well-licensed workers. Hence, before starting the work make sure they have their license. Also, for other works that include the changing of structures of the house you need professional workers.


With the above-mentioned information, you are now well aware of the important things that you should keep in your mind before starting the renovation works. Hence, follow the instructions before the work is done.