A Cricut may be used to make an easy-to-assemble shadow box.

A box frame may be seen in many houses. You’re a thoughtful, easy-to-personalize present that’s a terrific way to mark a special occasion. Below is a free design and instructions for building a cricutine shading box. Cricut’s shadow boxes are simple to make if you have a concept of how you want your finished product to appear. Have a general idea of what you want to discuss, if not everything. You may create customised presents with the Cricut that look to be both efficient and simple to put together.

Using Paper Cuts to Make a Shadow Box

In Cricut Design Space, choose two squares. Slicing a square will make it smaller, resulting in a square frame. This structure has numerous levels, and this is what maintains them all in place. It is your objective to expand it many times. After that, begin taking pictures. Ungrouping a multi-layered picture like the rainbow may be used to eliminate characteristics that you don’t want in the final product. You may eliminate any unnecessary information by dividing it up. Please visit lightboxgoodman, if you need more info.

Clouds with stars may be made.

You can make a starry cloud background using these cloud shapes. Squares may be used to construct a corner and the edges of a construction. The next step is to choose a star from the left side of the form to produce a large number of them. You may resize the photos if you want to keep things interesting. Now is the time to double-check if the stars are happy with their perch above the clouds. You may change the clouds by weaving all the stars together. This tool glides over your picture after it has been fused together and separates the stars from the clouds. Start with a top bar flip and then go to the bottom corner of the screen to acquire the smaller stars. The square look was finalised with the help of welding. This should be done for each layer of paper. To guarantee that the photographs in your Cricut shadow box are properly positioned, slide one image over the other to ensure that no other images are overshadowed.

Shadow boxes may be made using the Cricut machine.

Before editing your images, you must decide the colours you want to use for each level. In my view, adding colour to graphics in graphic design is a good idea. This is required in order to have your products trimmed by a professional. It’s crucial to put up each area in order, so that the photos are all the same, and then connect them. They still cut by hand, but this approach makes getting the appropriate size simpler. When measuring a shadow box, look for one with a lip that reaches over the glass. To correctly measure your cut, a square paper frame is concealed from view. ‘ When you’re happy with the size, click to cut. You may also cut out a bottom square for your Cricut nursery shadow picture.

Creating a Paper-Cutting Methodology

It’s time to get your stuff together and start cutting. To begin, use sticky dots or pads to create the image. You may finish your Nursery Shadow box by adding layers one by one.


You may either make a paper frame using the example set’s box design or purchase a ready-made frame. One of two ways may be used to frame your own shadow design. Flip the shadow box over and remove your back to see the inside of the display frame. To make a box, cut it off, fold the box’s edges, then glue or tape the box’s sides together. The package is made up of two sandwiched parts.


If you install your shadow box on a display structure, you may utilise LEDs with reverse light to highlight it and disclose all of its intricacies. Some folks may also want to utilise solely fairy lights. For my purposes, the LED light stripe is a fantastic option. In any case, they’ll be hidden behind your cardstock. I normally wrap my LED light strips around the frame’s outside border to achieve uniform light distribution. If you need to hang your wire from a corner, cut a tiny hole in the cable frame. Make sure the rear of the frame is secure before attaching the light.

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