A Complete Bedroom Makeover Guide For 2022

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Your bedroom is probably the only place in the whole wide world which gives you a sense of security, belonging and peace of mind. When discussing the interior design of bedrooms, many factors are considered, such as the individual’s personal tastes, preferences, hobbies, ambitions, and lifestyle. However, some may not focus much on the upkeep of the overall look of their bedroom because it’s their personal space, not meant to be intruded upon or displayed to others for their approval. But one thing’s for sure; the bedroom is where all dreams begin.

If you’re planning to kickstart 2022 with a well-meaning change in your life, read this bedroom makeover guide and learn why it might be a good decision to change the way your bedroom looks. Please note that the following guide has been curated based on the trending bedroom design ideas for 2022.

Prioritise Comfort

Since most of us have spent a considerable amount of time at home during the pandemic, we have come to realise the importance of comfortable living at home. Combine luxury with comfort in your bedroom, and you’re in heaven. To enhance your bedroom’s cosiness and relaxation factor, you may want to opt for plush bed sets with soft and cosy pillows and comforters. A very comfortable bed, Modern Ottoman, incorporates sophisticated style and contemporary design to suit the needs of a couple. The room itself can be accessorised with candle scents to refresh the ambience and your favourite books and family albums to help you unwind and sleep well after a long day.

Go Bold

According to design experts, bold colours and patterns, especially stripes, are very much in trend these days. Formerly, light colours such as grey and cream were preferred for their soothing quality, but now bolder hues like caramel, burgundy, orange and mossy green are rising in popularity for designing bedroom walls. As a result, stripes are back in fashion and are most likely to stay. These stripes are being incorporated in various ways, from patterned rugs, designing a ‘stripe-y’ canopy, using bold striped sheets on the bed, and applying stripes to bed headboards using tiles. There are endless ways to experiment with this trend and express creativity.

Inclusion of Sustainable Products

The concept of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in our lives to support the environment and promote our mental health and well-being. A good number of people invest money to go for nature retreats to live away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, sort their thoughts and explore themselves. By investing in eco-friendly products while designing your bedroom, you can create a heavenly nature retreat right in your bedroom. There is a diverse range of sustainable products for your bedroom, including organic mattresses and bed sets made of wool, ultra-efficient LED lighting or light hangings for energy conservation, wall paints that improve air quality and tubular skylights to expose inhabitants to natural light, which is said to promote their productivity and overall well-being.

Embrace Minimalism

Sure, those huge master bedrooms tend to offer more options to people to explore their creativity in design. Still, smaller bedrooms have a lot to offer on cosiness experimenting with minimalistic bedroom designs. As small bedrooms are more common and there isn’t much space to work with, design experts are experimenting with clever techniques, minimalist furniture such as sofa-cum beds and sleek wardrobes and small bedroom lighting ideas. The main idea that is gaining popularity now is to work with darker, bolder colour to emphasise the room’s cosiness.

Statement Patterns with Mix-N-Match

You can unleash all your creativity while designing your bedroom choose appealing and attractive wallpapers. Combine them with bold colours and patterns on pillows and bedding, fancy rugs and carpets to make your statement.

Plush Seating Corners

The bedroom has evolved from being a place of only sleeping to one which offers one a chance to relax and unwind. A comfortable and plush seating corner is very apt to serve this purpose. These can be re-purposed to add more vibrant colours to the bedroom.

Make A Statement With Your Headboard

The headboard completes the look of the bedroom and enhances its visual appeal. Headboards are open to a lot of experimentation and creativity and offer designers the way to express their art. Headboards also add to the comfort and aesthetic nature of the bedroom. If not the all-out headboard, you can opt for character-driven headboards or round headboards with an edge. Whichever you choose, headboards are here to stay.


Artistic-looking bedroom designs that provide a visually creative yet aesthetic feel are trending in 2022. These designs can be unique, personality-driven, or spin-off based on a narrative style.

Follow your calling when it comes to deciding how to give your bedroom a total makeover. The pointers above can guide you, but the overall bedroom makeover experiment should be entirely based on your idea of comfort and luxury.