A Closer Look at RAD140: The Science and Side Effects

Are you looking for a substance that gives you big muscles without the long list of harsh side effects? Well, you’re in luck. Rad140 is a SARM that’s known to provide good results without the added damage to the body.

However, there are some minor reactions that you should know about. As with any supplement or medication, your body is prone to reject it or take a while to adjust to it.

On that note, read over the information below to learn more about Rad140 side effects.

Rad140: What Is It?

Rad140 is an investigational SARM which is often referred to as Testolone. It’s the type of compound that works differently than other performance enhancers. Rad140 connects directly with androgen receptors without interrupting any other processes.

Because of this, it’s said that Rad140 has fewer side effects regardless of its ability to help individuals put on extra mass and gain strength. This compound is a favorite amongst athletes and bodybuilders because it uses a different approach. 

What fitness enthusiasts wouldn’t want quick gains minus all of the side effects? It’s important to note that individuals who decide to take this particular SARM must consume a high-quality version in order to avoid the RAD140 side effects. Unfortunately, some untrustworthy retailers will underdose Rad140 or make fake replicas of it.

How Does Rad140 Work?

Just to reiterate, Rad140 is a SARM, which stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. Essentially, they are steroids that are utilized for their anabolic effects.

Like RAD140, the beauty of SARMS is that they do not have androgenic effects. However, they have anabolic properties much like testosterone and other steroids.

This means when used by bodybuilders and athletes, SARMS can have many advantages. They assist the body with synthesizing proteins. A crucial aspect of building muscle is protein synthesis. Micro-tears develop in the tissues as a person pumps iron and exercises. These tears are healed over time, and that’s how muscles are developed.

Not only can the body develop more muscle mass with improved protein synthesis, but bodybuilders also have a shorter healing time. It means that after a hard workout session, they can get back in the gym sooner!

Rad140 Side Effects

One of the primary concerns people have when taking Rad140 is the side effects. Traditional muscle enhancers have been known to trigger adverse reactions. But thankfully, this SARM is different.

Here are some of the Rad140 side effects you can expect:


In the grand scheme of things, nausea is a pretty minor side effect. However, in regards to Rad140, it is one of the most common side effects of consuming SARMs. This usually happens to individuals who take them for the first time.

If you experience nausea, it could be because you’re taking a dosage that’s too high. On the other hand, it could also mean that your body just needs a little time to get acquainted with the drug.

Lower Testosterone

Another one of the most common Rad140 side effects is lower testosterone. This reaction is something that occurs as a result of using any type of drug that inevitably enhances your body’s testosterone levels. If you use SARMs for an extended period of time, it can negatively affect your body’s natural testosterone production.

The reason being is because your body will eventually begin to rely on the consumed testosterone rather than creating its own. This process is what causes the natural production to shut down.

After taking the drug for a long time, you could potentially have permanent low levels of testosterone.


When using a substance like Rad140, it’s likely that it could increase your acne. This is because your body has to adapt to the changing hormone levels. After a few weeks or so, you should notice that your skin will start to clear up.

If it doesn’t, it’s probably because your dosage is too high.

Damage to the Liver

Liver damage is one of the most severe side effects of them all. This particular reaction was noticed as a result of preclinical trials for Rad140. It was found that there was substantial liver damage due to the use of SARMs.

But the good news is, the damage was only temporary. After about a year, the damage was reversed after the individual stopped using it.

Believe it or not, there has been more new information to come out about the effectiveness of Rad140. Click the highlighted link to read more about it.

How to Manage the Side Effects of Rad140

The best way to deal with the side effects of SARMs is to put your body through post-cycle therapy. After each round of taking Rad140, give your body a break. While you are off of it, take supplements that help to restore your hormone levels. 

Most individuals take a break from Rad140 for 3 to 4 weeks. During this time, you should notice a tremendous difference in your body, and your system will have enough time to get rid of all of the remaining substances.

Rad140 Side Effects

As you can see, there are only minor Rad140 side effects. Obviously, if you choose to take this SARM, you take it at your own risk.

Just try to make sure that you only do it in cycles and don’t take doses that are too high. That way, you should have no issues.

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