A Breakdown of the Personal Injury Cases Munley Law Takes On

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Legal matters are often stressful, particularly if they involve an injury or illness. Your physical or mental health issues may consume you, and the thought of finding an attorney may feel overwhelming.

Personal injury attorneys are legal experts who handle injury cases. When someone causes physical or psychological harm to another person, the injury victim can turn to a personal injury lawyer to protect their legal rights. When people suffer injuries, they benefit from hiring an attorney with years of experience handling injury cases. Personal injury law encompasses various types of cases. Let’s examine the types of cases Munley Law handles.

Munley Law is a Pennsylvania law firm.

Munley Law is a law firm with offices in Scranton, Pittsburgh, Wilkes-Barre, Allentown, Carbondale, Hazleton, Stroudsburg, and Philadelphia. Contact Munley Law for a free consultation when you need the best personal injury attorney Philadelphia has to offer. You can talk to an attorney and determine if you want to proceed with a lawsuit without paying legal fees, and Munley Law doesn’t charge any legal fees until you win your case.

Robert W. Munley founded Munley Law in 1959. Since then, the firm’s expanded throughout Pennsylvania, handling personal injury cases. Four of the firm’s five partners have secured settlements or verdicts worth a million or more on behalf of their clients. The firm has appeared on The Best Lawyers in America list every year for the past 28 years.

Munley Law handles auto accidents.

Automobile accidents claim tens of thousands of lives each year, and millions more are injured. Munley Law represents auto accident victims, including those who’ve been in boating, bus, car, motorcycle, plane, or truck accidents. Auto accidents cause millions of serious injuries, leading to long-term health issues or permanent disability. In addition to the medical bills accident victims incur, they may have property damage stemming from the accident.

Munley Law fights to secure fair compensation for all costs stemming from the accident, including the cost of retraining or loss of income if their client’s unable to return to work. Munley Law can negotiate with insurance companies and defendants to secure a settlement without a trial or present evidence in court. When you hire Munley Law to handle your auto accident case, they’ll file legal paperwork before the statute of limitations expires and gather evidence to build your case.

Munley Law handles premises liability and intentional torts.

Premises liability cases stem from accidents on another person’s property. When the property owner’s negligence or actions create unsafe conditions causing harm, victims can sue them for compensation for related costs and pain and suffering.

Intentional torts are illegal actions causing harm. Nursing home abuse is an example of an intentional tort. While these actions may result in a criminal case, victims also have grounds to file a lawsuit against the abusers and may have grounds to sue the facilities where the abuse occurred. Talking to a personal injury lawyer can help you determine if you have legal grounds for a civil suit.

Munley Law handles lawsuits against medical professionals and facilities.

Sometimes, medical professionals fail to provide an expected standard of care. Doctors may also misdiagnose patients, preventing patients from receiving life-saving medical treatment. In these situations, medical professionals may be guilty of medical malpractice. Parents can also file lawsuits over birth injuries sustained during childbirth.

Munley Law handles all other types of personal injury cases.

Munley Law represents victims of defective products, such as airbags and pressure cookers. Their legal team also handles bad faith insurance cases. You can refer to their website and read about their practice areas to confirm they can handle your legal issues.

Munley Law handles personal injury cases such as auto accident, premises liability, intentional torts, medical malpractice, and birth injury cases. You can consult one of their attorneys for free to determine if you have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.