9 Reasons Blakehurst is an Awesome Place to Live

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Are you looking for a new location to call your home? Have you ever considered Blakehurst to be one of your possibilities? If so, then you’re in the right place. There are plenty of good reasons you should consider moving to Blakehurst because it can be an awesome place to live.

It’s safe

If there’s one thing that should be sought after in any home, it’s safety and security. No matter where you’re living, you’ll want to make sure you can feel comfortable and let your guard down when you’re at home.

It’s colourful

If there’s one reason to live in Blakehurst, it’s the scenery. There’s nothing worse than being surrounded by a concrete jungle with no trees or plants in sight – it can be quite dull after some time, and doesn’t necessarily make for the best living conditions. Blakehurst on the other hand has plenty of greenery to keep the place looking interesting and lively.

Nearby schools

There are many who are looking for a new home as a suitable place to start their life and have a home suitable for it. If you’re planning on moving and having schools nearby as a requirement, you’ll have no trouble while living in Blakehurst. You’ll find public and catholic schools just nearby – putting you in the perfect spot to raise a family.

A good location for sports fans

Moving somewhere new can make you feel like you’re far away from your comforts, but sports isn’t something you have to give up. Blakehurst has its own rugby union team, so you can keep up with the scene.

A short walk to amenities

If you’re looking for a comfortable new location, you don’t want to move somewhere that puts you too far out of the way. Having to walk hours to get to where you want to can be tedious, and it’s much better to be a short distance from all of the things that you could want and need. You’ll find that you’re not too far from a range of cafes, bars, and shopping centres.

It’s quiet

Blakehurst features a small yet diverse population of families, which means you don’t have to worry about a noisy bustling atmosphere around you while you’re trying to relax.

A friendly community

As quiet as it is, you won’t feel unwelcome upon moving to Blakehurst. The neighbours are lovely, and it makes for a safe and humble place to raise a family.

It’s on the Princes Highway

While being a small and quiet area, Blakehurst has easy access to the Princes Highway, making day trips to Sydney relatively easy and convenient any time you want to get away from home for a little bit.

You’re right on the water

If you love being close to the water, Blakehurst has you covered. The suburb is right on the water, meaning that no matter where you’re living here, it’s just a short walk away for you.

In conclusion

Blakehurst is a great place for you if you’re looking for a more peaceful lifestyle, as well as a safe place for you to raise your current or future family. Perfect for those who don’t like to live in busy cities.