9 keys to anti-aging

Slowing down aging is the dream of many people. Everyone has many different ways. For example, finding good skin care creams, good cleansing foams โฟมล้างหน้า that remove dirt from the skin. But the heart of anti-aging has 9 main points as follows:

The first key is to deal with stress wisely (Stress Management).

This is the most important aspect of Anti-Aging because stress is a major source of many illnesses and diseases. Physically, emotionally, and mentally, this stress also includes both physical and mental stress. which is what happens to all of us on a daily basis. for example Dieting to lose weight, staying up late, overwork, anxiety, anger, irritability, etc.

Therefore, we should assess ourselves often to see what stress is going on right now. how much To know how to manage the stress that occurs. Besides, we need to practice hand stress management to deal with stress wisely. We also must not put too much pressure on ourselves. and known to let go

Key number 2 Good health starts with good food (Foods & Supplements)

The best food is the best of salvation. and make us healthy far from disease People have to eat food every day. Therefore, choosing good food is like always feeding good ingredients to your body. Good food doesn’t always have to be expensive. We just have to choose wisely. Eat food from all 5 food groups in the right proportions. Eat a variety of foods. and should be supplemented with vitamins, minerals or dietary supplements as needed by adhering to the principles of safety and fit

Eating good food is also balancing the microcirculation. (Microbiota) in the intestines as well, such as eating clean vegetables and fruits. Free from toxic residues on a regular basis. Eating healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids Omega-9 fatty acids, etc.

The third key point is to know chronic inflammation.

Chronic Inflammation is considered the root cause of many degenerative diseases that are present today. That we know and can reduce the incidence of chronic inflammation. It can be considered as the heart of Anti-Aging, another one that is talked about a lot today.

Chronic inflammation is caused by a number of factors, including foods that stimulate inflammation, including AGEs, foods high in fat, especially trans fats and saturated fats, over-exercising, stress, and obesity. Too much of the body can trigger chronic inflammation.

The 4th keystone is to manage free radicals to stay under control (Oxidative Stress).

Free radicals (Free Radicals) that exceed the limit are the source of various diseases and illnesses. because of the mechanism of disease Especially diseases in various degenerative groups will talk about Oxidative Stress or a condition with excess free radicals that our body can handle.

Therefore, lifestyle modifications include diet, exercise, sleep, or the addition of antioxidants. (Antioxidants) that are right, all are to reduce free radicals and help prevent various diseases that result from Oxidative Stress in the future.

The fifth key is to balance hormones in the body (Balance Your Hormones).

different hormones in the body that works in balance It will make us healthy and fresh and lively, so maintaining the balance of hormones in the body is one of the keys to true anti-aging.

Hormones discussed include Growth Hormone (GH), Melatonin, Thyroid Hormones, Cortisol, DHEA, Testosterone. Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone, Insulin, etc. Balanced hormones come from a balanced lifestyle. both about good food regular exercise enough rest good stress management, etc.

The sixth key to good sleep is the elixir (Sleep Quality).

Adequate sleep around 6-8 hours/night is a true anti-aging power. In addition to being the best rehabilitation of the body. It’s also a good time The hormone melatonin (Melatonin) will perform its functions fully, both stimulating the secretion of growth hormone and It is a powerful antioxidant (Potent Antioxidant). A person who has enough sleep and quality is always healthy and looking young. In contrast to those who sleep less or sleep but no quality Which often have various diseases frequented by frequent visits.

The key to number 7, if you want to slow down aging, you need to pay attention to exercise (Anti-Aging Exercise)

We should make it a habit and exercise regularly. It is important to exercise properly. Suitable for ourselves, people who exercise regularly will understand that. If you don’t go to exercise on a daily basis, you will feel uncomfortable. have to go out That shows that we have the habit of exercising already.

Anti-Aging exercise must choose the type of exercise that is suitable for yourself. And should know how much exercise to be fit. How to exercise with the least risk of injury and how to exercise in order to balance hormones as much as possible, etc. (Read more in Chapter 8 Let’s do anti-aging exercises)

The 8th keystone is to remove toxins from the body and mind. (Detoxification Body & Mind)

Reduce the risk of toxins entering the body, such as chemicals that we touch each day. Heavy metal contaminants in food, drinking water, environment, vegetables and fruits should be washed thoroughly before eating every time. Do not eat food packed in styrofoam containers. especially hot food avoid eating food Grilled, smoked, etc. People who are at high risk of heavy metal accumulation in their bodies may consult a doctor. If found to have accumulated a lot Your doctor may also consider reducing the buildup. Chelation therapy (ChelationTherapy) eating vitamins, minerals, foods that help in the detoxification process of the liver itself.

They also need to be aware of the formation of psychological pollutants such as anxiety and stress, and find ways to manage them so they don’t accumulate and cause health problems, such as keeping your mind clear. Find time to relax, practice meditation, etc.

The key point number 9 is always to have a health checkup (Checkup & Proper Treatment).

At the heart of the last salutation is Surveillance or treatment of disease including reducing the risk of various diseases Because despite taking good care of the body But we cannot say that various diseases When will you come to us? therefore it is important Or if we already have a disease, we can live a slow-aging lifestyle. to promote better treatment of disease And so that we can live with the disease that is happy enough.

9 Keys of Anti-Aging Lifestyle This is a summary of research and information from reliable sources that have been researched and compiled for you to read. more importantly I myself have tried all of them: I can confirm that every item is something that all of us can actually do. without spending a lot of gold

The most important thing that can improve our health is I believe that it depends on ourselves. to be open to learning open minded, study, open minded Focus on doing things with determination and being happy with what we do. Do these things as part of our daily life… and we will find that Anti-Aging knows before anyone can really slow down aging before friends.

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