7 Tips to Improve Your Amazon SEO in 2022

More than 43% of online sales are accounted for by Amazon. This retail platform is one of the fastest-growing and largest retailers today. Many businesses make use of Amazon to sell their products. Hence, if you want your business to stand out from your competitors and reach more customers, you need to look for ways to improve and optimize your Amazon SEO. In this article, we will provide you with some tips that can help improve the SEO of your Amazon page and improve your rankings.

Different Ways To Improve Amazon SEO

Here are some tips that can help improve your Amazon SEO:

1. Look And Understand Your Biggest Competition

Like any sales business, it is important for you to get your research done and analyze your closest competition on Amazon. By doing so, you will get a good idea of what strategies are working and the ones that are not. Hence, you will be able to adjust them accordingly.

You need to review their products, understand when do they update the prices, images, and descriptions, read their customer reviews, etc. so that you have an idea of what your Amazon search page ranking goals should be.

2. Try To Get Genuine Reviews

Similar to all other shopping platforms, reviews are crucial for improving the SEO of your Amazon page. In most cases, shoppers will refer to these customer reviews before finalizing their purchases. However, did you know that these reviews can also affect your rankings?

If you have a lot of good reviews from genuine customers, Amazon will be clear that you are a legitimate and trustworthy merchant. This is the reason why the first few pages of Amazon’s SERPs only contain products with higher rankings.

There are some simple tactics that you can use to get more customer reviews. For instance, you can set up an automatic email that can be sent to your customers as soon as they purchase your products. There are many such third-party tools that can help you send such automatic emails.

However, there are some types of malpractices that you need to avoid. There have been cases where the merchants offer money, discounts, and free gifts for reviews. Also, avoid getting a review written by friends and family.

Make Use Of The Right Keywords

When you are choosing the right keywords for your products on Amazon, you need to mix in general words with the more specific ones. For instance, if you are selling cotton t-shirts of various colors, the general keyword would be ‘t-shirts’ and the specific one would be ‘color cotton t-shirts’.

Placing the right keywords plays a very big part in ensuring that your listing is relevant, which will increase your rank on the Amazon SERPs. Some tips to understand where you should place the keywords include:

  • Adding the most relevant keywords in the product title.
  • Adding the keywords about the product’s material, uses, and benefits into the listing.
  • Adding the keywords organically into the descriptions of the products. However, also make the copy persuasive and informative for the potential buyer.

There are various tools that you can use to find out relevant keywords for your products like Sonar, Olifant Digital, etc. that can help you in this aspect.

4. Invest In Sponsored Ads

If you are launching a new product on Amazon or a new seller, getting organic reach on Amazon can be quite difficult, particularly because you do not have any reviews or sales on your credit. As mentioned before, improving the SEO of your business’s Amazon page often takes a lot of time. One of the fastest ways to jumpstart your ranking is to make use of sponsored ads, which will provide your ranking a chance to catch up.

5. Get Done With A Category Audit

One of the most common mistakes done by Amazon sellers is placing the wrong product in the wrong category. The search function utilized by Amazon is based on strict indexes; if your products do not match within these indexes, it will affect the relevance of your products as well as the ranking.

Of course, it is quite tempting to opt for a category where there is less competition. However, if your products do not match the same category, you will be penalized for the same.

6. Optimize Your Product Listing

This point has been explained briefly in the previous section. When you are optimizing or creating an Amazon product description, ensure that it has the relevant keywords. However, you should also not forget that you are writing the description for a human being, not a robot or an algorithm. You need to ensure that you are adding all the relevant information about the product like what the product is, materials it has been made out of, the specs of the product, and its uses/benefits.

All you need to do is remember the following requirements:

  • Ensure that the description matches the image of the product.
  • Write down everything clearly.
  • Add only information that is related to the said product.
  • Do not keep adding words to the description; aim to keep it concise.

7. Try To Drive External Traffic To Your Products

While you do not have the option to promote your online store on Amazon, you can definitely use various other external traffic sources to promote your listing on Amazon. For instance, you can make use of Google AdWords to look for ads to direct your shoppers to a specific landing page. You can also route your listings on Amazon via other social media PPC methods, like Facebook’s Product Ads, so that you drive the traffic to your product listing on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the many tips that can help improve listing for your products on Amazon. It will provide you with quick conversions and better results. However, improving your Amazon SEO is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to improving your overall Amazon strategy. Take advantage of other options like paid advertising to improve your Amazon page. If you have any questions related to the same, you can drop them in the comment section.

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