7 Things We All Love to Hate about Entertainment

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We all love entertainment, but we also hate it. There are so many different ways for us to get entertained. We can watch movies and TV shows on our computers or smartphones, play games online, listen to music and podcasts at the touch of a button, read books on e-readers or tablets. In this blog post, we are going to share with you 7 things that we all have in common when it comes to entertainment avenues!

Personal differences

The first one is that we all have a favorite type of entertainment. While some people might enjoy reading, others may be in the mood for movies or games. No matter what your preference is, you are going to find it on these different avenues! Some may like more adventures type of fun, others may want to just chill and relax.

Can’t find what you are looking for

We can all agree on when it comes to our love-hate relationship with entertainment is the disappointment that comes whenever we can’t find what we are looking for. For example, you might start to search online when you get home from work and realize that all your favorite movies have been taken down!

Technology is evolving too quickly

Thirdly, it’s difficult to keep up with everything in today’s world of technology because there are so many different avenues for entertainment. For example, you might start to play a new game and realize that it’s been taken off the market three months after its release!

Too many choices: the analysis paralysis

The next thing that we have in common is the stress of finding these different avenues. For example, you might want to watch a movie but don’t know where to find one online or on Netflix because there are so many choices! Just have a look at the huge variety of games that are being offered in this particular casino.

Entertainment is costly

Another thing that we all hate about entertainment is how expensive it can become when things get out of hand. For example, you might spend your entire paycheck on a new game because it was too good to pass up!

Too few choices

The disappointment of not being able to find anything in any store or online when searching for entertainment. You may be looking for an old favorite movie and know exactly what it is called, but when you search for it online or at the video store down the street, they don’t have what you are looking for!


There are a lot of things that we all love to hate about the different types of entertainment for our choices in today’s world. Take it easy, sometimes it might just be better to enjoy online free time with your family.